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Benefits Top Employers Offer - infographic

Killer perks is what distinguishes top companies from other firms in the world of work.  So far we’ve heard of never-ending gourmet food choices, napping pods and slides becoming the center of attraction in workplaces such as the one at Google. When it comes to leading employers, what could make a critical decision making factor for a candidate to choose where to work, is the company’s reputation as a great place to work. So how do major employers keep their workforce happy and loyal?

The guys of Next Generation have researched the perks offered by some of the biggest global giants and put together this engaging infographic…

A few highlights

- Entertainment company Mind Candy stands out from other employers. The firm provides its employees with a climbable tree house, ping pong, monthly lunches cooked by an executive chef, ping pong and “beer o’ clock” happy hours on Fridays.

- Dropbox offers a fully equipped music studio, while only Google and Airbnb allow their employees to bring pets to work.

- The management consulting services company, Bain & Company, was ranked 1st in Glassdoor’s 2014 Employees’ Choice Awards, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Eastman Chemical and Facebook.

- While everyday perks are fantastic, serious employees continue to look beyond the gimmicks. Good management, opportunities for advancement and financial benefits are the most important motivators for employees to change employers.

Hiring outlook for UK companies

- The overwhelming majority of UK tech firms plan to expand their workforce this year

- 94% consider it extremely or somewhat difficult to find the talent they need to grow.

- Among the top challenges employers face when hiring are: skills, education, experience as well as salary and benefits.

Check out this infographic to explore the perks top companies offer to entice potential employees and retain existing staff.

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