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Best Jobs for Travelling: 2014 Edition

Travel is important to our lives. Without it, we cannot visit new places, experience cultures and foods completely different to what we call the norm. A wise man once said “like is a novel, without travel we cannot turn the pages”, so how can we integrate travel without stagnating our careers? The following list identifies the newest entries considered to be ‘top’ travel jobs.

#1 Roadie
Roadie is now a common term used to describe an individual who tours with musicians as they host events and concerts from country to country, formally they are known as a Road Crew Member. The job? To maintain equipment for stage productions to accommodate touring acts. The inventory comprises of light and sound equipment and modern stages that can be transported easily. Should you be interested in applying for this type of job, you may need to own (or at the very least be qualified to drive) a large vehicle. Link up with your favorite artists and enjoy a lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock and roll - or just plugging in cables.


#2 Travel Nurse
When evaluating demand versus supply, the need for nurses places the specialist role high in demand. Working with local hospitals is the most common recruitment trend, although few are aware of the options to travel whilst still helping people in various establishments.

A popular travel nursing company based in the UK is Continental Travel Nurse. This company specializes in nursing assignments all over the UK and gives you a fantastic opportunity to travel in your nursing career.   

#3 Athletic Scout
Ever wondered how an athlete goes from playing with friends or a local team, to being headhunted by talent finders from all over the world? Finding people with exceptional sporting abilities is the primary job of a scout who is constantly searching newspaper and TV reports for stories of gifted athletes. Travelling becomes a fundamental basis of the role as internationally skilled players are sought out by professional sporting bodies all over the country. If you have a passion for sports and you want to build up your credibility as a scout, why not spend a few months in Rio de Janeiro talent searching! It would just be a coincidence that Copacabana beach is so near to your hotel.


#4 English Teacher
Have you ever wanted to work in beautiful places like Thailand? If you’re reading this then you may have a skill which is highly sought after, as the Far East job markets recent boom see’s a jump in demand for qualified English teachers. You can enjoy living in the number one visited destination in the world, while enhancing your career prospects at the same time! Enjoy the privileges of being immersed in a different culture surrounded by paradise, or travelling the country working with different educational organisations of your choice and being in a location surrounded by sun, sand, sea and vast career possibilities is surely a job of a lifestime.

#5 Professional Yacht Crew

Most of us dream about sailing the world in super yacht, commonly described to as a ‘floating mansion’ after winning the lottery. But if you are not on to sit and wait for your lottery luck to change, then why not consider a career working on one of these water ‘powerhouses’. Each super yacht requires a sailing crew and staff to ensure the smooth running of the boat.

Captains, steward/esses, deck hands and chefs are just some of the roles required to operate a large luxury sea craft. You will enjoy a firsthand take on all the sights on route, and when finishing your working period for the day you can kick back and relax on deck, go swimming or enjoy local amenities on the nearest coast.

Whether you dream of touring countries all over the world with a famous music band, helping the sick or injured abroad, venturing on a quest to find top sporting talent, spending your days passing on knowledge in paradise or sailing the world absorbing the beautiful sights. Finding a career to satisfy your travel craving may not be as difficult to reach as you think.

Do you travel with your job? Tell us about it!

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