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Best Stories From People Who Met Steve Jobs

Many remember Steve Jobs as a true genius and creative wizard who changed the tech world and say that he is irreplaceable. Everyone who loves music, games, design and creativity are grateful for Job’s drive and determination to make their tech experience a much more enjoyable, care free and aesthetically pleasing. Steve lived a journey that very few men can match through all the ages! In this post, I present five of the best stories that people share after randomly meeting Steve Jobs. Read on to see what people say about Steve’s unique personality, habits, from an interesting Quora thread.

“Come inside and use the Phone”

Tim Smith, founder of Applied Design Group, couldn’t believe his ears when the Jobs went outside of his comfort zone to help him deal with his old Sunbeam Alpine sports car that broke down in front of Jobs’ driveway. When the poor guy was about to call AAA for assistance,  Jobs’ wife, Laurence came out and offered him a beer. Smith was afraid that the Jobs would consider him a stalker and that they would either ignore him or call the police. Not only did they offer him a beer, they also called a close friend of Jobs to investigate the engine. And the best of all? Steve Jobs sat down in the Alpine and tried to crank it – with his kid sitting behind him. But all in vain! That was a “Kodak moment”, Smith says! The moral lesson of this experience is that the Jobs’ are not only good people, they are also down-to-earth, charitable and incredibly friendly. Some rumours reveal that Jobs said something like “piece of shit” just before walking back into the house.

“The most powerful person in the world”

Tomas Higbey worked for NeXT. He was in the break room with two colleagues when Jobs came in and started making a bagel. Jobs unexpectedly asked the guys to name the most powerful person in the world. Higbey said, “Mandela” to hear an overconfident “No!... you are all wrong. The most powerful person in the world is the story teller.” At this point Higbey thought to himself "Steve, I love you but there is a fine line between genius and loco..and I think I am witnessing this right now".  Steve continued, "The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come and Disney has a monopoly on the storyteller business. You know what? I am tired of that bullshit, I am going to be the next storyteller" and he left with his bagel. 

“Call yourself an asshole for me”

Michell Smith admits that he sent an email to Steve Jobs prior to his return to Apple, pleading him not to not to come back to Apple, thinking that he would ruin it. At that time, Apple wasn’t doing too well, and Smith didn’t want the struggling company go downhill due to the hostile takeover scenarios between Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison. Shortly thereafter, Smith got an email back from Jobs whose words shocked him: "You may be right. But if I succeed, remember to look in the mirror and call yourself an asshole for me." Finally, Smith’s email backfired, considering Apple’s success primarily because of Jobs.

“Sorry, but I am not supposed to tell you”

Michael Chang was interning for Apple in the summer of 2010 at the main Apple campus. Just as the door on an elevator he was in was closing, Steve Jobs got in. Jobs saw that Chang had an intern badge on and asked him what he was working on over the summer. Chang wasn’t sure what to tell him as he was instructed not to reveal information during orientation. He decided not to tell him anything saying “Sorry, but I am not supposed to tell you”. Steve immediately smiled, chuckled a bit and stepped out of the elevator.

These are just a few stories recounted by a few people who met Steve Jobs in person. It is obvious that this person was not only visionary and ingenious enough to change the way we communicate, but he was also a beautiful person whose mission in life was more than achieved.

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