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SOCIAL MEDIA / JUL. 18, 2013
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Best Twitter Hashtag Searches Every Job Seeker Should Know

Are you a Twitter user? You better be! If you are a job seeker in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to make Twitter your best friend! Not  only are the best employers in the world using their company twitter profiles to advertise their jobs, but headhunters are constantly using Twitter to seek out top candidates who may otherwise go unnoticed by some of the biggest and best employers.

Asides from having a professional Twitter profile, following your dream employers, and networking like you’ve never networked before to get your name and brand out there, you also need to be utilizing the hashtag technique.

Whilst hashtagging keywords you believe are important to your job search and finding your dream job, they may have little impact in Twitter searches. Instead, it is best to use some of the most popular Twitter hashtag searches, and then tailor them according to your needs. For example, #jobinterviews is a very popular term to use, but if you are looking for job interviews in Chicago, you should use #Chigacojobinterviews.

Here is a list of the most popular and frequently searched Twitter hashtags that all job seekers should know!




















Twitter Tricks

You may not be a natural Twitter fan, but now is the time to get social media savvy! You job hunting depends on it!

Use some of these effective Twitter tricks to get you started…

1.       Make your bio ‘recruiter-friendly’. Many recruiters will use a Twitter analytics program called follwerwonk, which helps them to find users who have their required skills/experience specified in their bio. So, if you are a marketing expert, and you want to be found for marketing jobs, you need to ensure your Twitter bio includes keywords such as: marketing expert, BA Marketing, looking for a marketing job, passion for marketing etc.

2.       Follow job boards. Whilst it is important that you follow your favorite companies in the hope that they then post your dream job, it is also important to remain realistic – you cannot wait for months on end just in the hope your dream employers has a vacancy for you. You need to be proactive and following a job board will do just that. You will receive all the latest jobs posted to the site, making it easier for you to track the freshest jobs on the market.


3.       Tweet regularly. Remember, the more people you follow, and the more followers they have, the harder it is to be noticed on Twitter. This is because the speed at which new tweets are posted and old tweets disappear will force your 9am tweet about looking for a job to the bottom of the pile by 10am! You need to keep posting regularly to ensure you appear in your followers’ news feeds. 

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