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Better Ask Saul - For a Job

So, all of us Breaking Bad fans finally got the dose they have been jonesing for. Better Call Saul was the highest series premiere ever with a total viewership of 6.9 million. It follows a less-than-savory character during his early years as a struggling lawyer. He still is the same good old Saul we know, though, with a flair for the theatrical, his ethically and legally grey tactics. Well, he’s not Saul quite yet; he actually goes under the name James “Jimmy” McGill (which is his real name). Seeing this made me wonder what it would be like working for a sleazy, overly dramatic, and oftentimes teetering on both sides of the law, Saul.

The hours would suck.

A lawyer that deals with criminals, extorters and drug dealers isn’t exactly the type of guy that holds a 9-to-5 schedule. You would be up at all hours of the night, rummaging through case files and documents. That is, of course, if someone is still out; alternatively, you can expect to visit all kinds of penitentiaries, correctional facilities and mental health hospitals (pleading insanity is a go-to defense). Compared to other things on this list, I would go as far as calling this a perk.

You’ll meet criminals, daily.

Unsavory lawyers tend to attract unsavory clientele. People of the criminal element have this particularity, though: they find that violence and killing/maiming is a viable conflict resolution tactic. Don’t expect them to verbally express their frustration of a case that got them ten years’ in the big house. Expect them to shoot, bomb or burn your place of employment. And you thought that going to your 9-to-5 was hard.

Constant fear.

Just riffing off the aforementioned professional hazard, you can expect that working for Saul is going to be a constantly ‘looking over your shoulder’ type of job. At no point during your day will you feel safe, secure or not in danger of being turned into a moving target. You could be a paralegal, bodyguard or even just a cleaner, but your a** is grass, purely due to association. Don’t expect Saul to put his neck out for you either; you’re not paying him and everything is about the money.

Having a relationship.

Having a relationship would be impossible while being employed by Saul. Your family members or loved ones would be under constant danger of being collateral damage. Also, being involved in morally and ethically grey happenings, you will most likely be expected to keep your mouth shut. It’s not like you’ll be able to go home and say: “Same old, same old, hone. You know, we covered up a murder and got paid for our services in drugs”.

You’ll go down with the boat

Although Saul walks away scot-free from the parade of mayhem, murder, money laundering and drug deals at the end of Breaking Bad, you can’t expect it to go that smoothly all the time. Things have a strange way of catching up to you and, more importantly, Saul, who will most certainly throw you under the bus if he feels it will help him wash his hands of previous indiscretions. On the plus side, you’ll have a myriad of friends in jail that will eagerly great you with a shiv to the kidney!

Would you like to work for a shady lawyer? It’s good money, you have health insurance (even if it does just cover a mob doctor), and you’ll get a bonus for every successful drug deal.

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