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Blogging Guidelines for Photographers


One of the most effective ways of growing your photography business is through blogging. Running a blog gives you the opportunity to share your expertise, thus allowing you to build credibility with potential customers. In addition, it enables you to establish a strong online presence which could eventually translate into more business. However, starting and maintaining a blog is not easy. Creating relevant and fresh content on a continual basis can be a very frustrating exercise. The following are some content ideas which could inspire your next post:

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Opinion pieces

Everyone has an opinion about something. Therefore, you could consider sharing your opinions about different topics in your blog posts. For instance, you can share your thoughts about boudoir photography which is becoming increasingly popular in our world today. The more controversial your opinion, the more buzz your post is likely to create among readers. However, before hitting the publish button, be sure that you want the world to read what you have to say.


Nowadays, many people visit the internet looking for ‘how-to’ articles on different topics. You could share with your audience inexpensive or creative ways of doing certain tasks in photography. For example, you can write about topics like ‘How to Build a Studio on a Budget’ or ‘Tips for Shooting Awesome Macro Photos’. If your readers find your topics interesting, they will keep coming back for more.

Conduct interviews

There are many people out there who have interesting perspectives to share about photography. This could be experienced photographers, media personalities or just photography enthusiasts. An interview with such people could be a source of fresh content which will resonate with your audience.

Behind-the-scenes stories

For almost all the photo assignments you undertake, there is always a behind-the-scenes story. Your audience would be very interested to hear the stories behind the images. For instance, when you post wedding photos, you could write a blog post about the couple and their journey to marriage. Similarly, concert photos could be accompanied with a blog post about what happened at the concert.

Compile lists

Lists enable you to present your content in an organized manner that is more palatable to readers. However, make sure your headline explains clearly what readers should expect from the post. Your title could be something like ’10 Mistakes to Avoid in Travel Photography’ or ’10 Tips to Better Photo Editing’  


Current events in the photography world can be a great source of content for your blog. You could write about new products in the market, recent events and generally trending topics in the industry. However, the disadvantage of news-related posts is that they get outdated quickly. Therefore, be sure to be the first to share the breaking news so as to generate a buzz.

Compile resources

This involves carrying out research on a specific topic and compiling a list of links to resources online. Since this does not involve much writing, it would be ideal for photographers who don’t have strong writing skills. For instance, you could write about ‘30 Crowd Funding Sites for Photographers’ or ’50 Photography Sites You Must Visit’.  

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With the ideas above, you should never run out of ideas for your next blog post. Have you used any of these before? Please share your experience below.

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