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How to Bond with Your Off-Site Boss

Cultivating a genuine relationship with your boss can be difficult. For an individual who has an off-site boss, the task can be even more difficult to succeed at. You may be dealing with different job site locations and even varying time zones. However, there are steps you can take to begin developing that sincere relationship with your boss. This article will address suggestions on how to bond with your off-site boss.

1. Place Importance on the Relationship

The process of bonding with your off-site boss begins with making a decision. You need to decide that you want to develop a genuine professional relationship with this individual. No one can make that decision or take the initiative, but you. Making that decision to cultivate a genuine bond shows that you place importance on the relationship.

  • Add this development process to your job task list
  • Write down the date you made this commitment
  • Commit to the diligent hard work that is involved
  • Utilize technology (SMS, video chats etc.)

2. Invest in Genuine Conversation

Developing a relationship takes a diligent investment of genuine conversation. Make a point to speak to your boss about things other than work. For example, don’t be afraid to engage in small talk and begin the process of getting to know your boss.

  • Find a healthy balance between chatting and work
  • Create boundaries and don’t cross them
  • Always be respectful with your conversation
  • Think outside the box and be creative

3. Profile Your Boss’ Interests

The main disclaimer here is that you don’t cross the line and become a crazed stalker. However, do your homework and ascertain your boss’ interests, his or her personality and preferred working techniques.

  • Learn how to ask the pertinent questions
  • Don’t be afraid to dig deeper on likes and dislikes
  • Understand the benefits of knowing your boss better
  • Do a Google search to research information on your boss

You can follow your boss’ profiles on Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as following any blogs he or she writes.  

4. Be Diligent in Your Efforts

Finding ways to bond with your off-site boss takes a diligent effort on your part. You need to learn how to stay in contact with your boss without becoming a pest. Your efforts to connect with your boss need to occur several times a week. Understand that cultivating a genuine relationship with your boss will also improve your work performance because you have a clearer idea of what is expected of you. Based upon your boss’ preferences, mold the following tips to your current work situation.

  • Provide regular status updates via email, text or calls
  • Schedule a weekly or bi-weekly video chat
  • Continue perfecting your own work performance
  • Ask your boss to review the process you created

In a Rediff News article, Sunder Ramachandran shared suggestions on video chat etiquette with your boss pertaining to being polite, showing humor, proper language and tone and use of slang.  

5. Schedule In-Person Meetings

Now this step may not be possible for individuals with a boss located in another state or country. However, if distance is not an issue, be sure that you schedule in-person meetings at least once or twice a month. Again, this is also based upon your boss’ preference.

  • Be cognizant of your boss’ daily work schedule
  • Make an effort to be available when your boss wants to meet
  • Bring genuine conversation into the meetings

Bonding with an off-site boss is not an impossible task. However, it takes a decisive commitment on your part to get the process started. If you follow the five steps discussed in this article, you will be well on your way to cultivating a genuine professional relationship with your off-site boss.


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