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Boost Application Downloads With These Five Landing Page Must-Haves

How do people find the right apps? It could be by manually searching the web or an app store or by references made by experts. On most occasions, the obvious go-to place when searching for an app is the web. The number of apps being used today for different categories like business, shopping, entertainment, healthcare, baby care and other lifestyle activities is a known factor.

That also explains the importance of creating a good landing page for your business-app downloads. With so much competition around, unfriendly landing pages or download guides can result in loss of customers. Your prospective customers may turn to alternative services or rivals who offer similar services. So never miss a prospective conversion because of a bad landing page.      

Conversion (in this case) can happen through direct download or indirectly via email subscription. Either way, you must be able to make a great engagement and make sure that your customers not only download apps, but share it. A good businessman should aim to attract more and more customers to his landing page and make as many conversions as possible. To do this, your landing page must offer good value and not just act as a banner or advertising page for your application.

So here’s how to optimize your download page and increase conversions.

1.      The importance of a headline

When making a search, people come across numerous websites at a time. A unique and attractive headline on the landing page can make people stop and pay attention to your page. A great landing-page headline must convey the benefits of your business app to customers. To make it more effective, keep in short (7 to 9 words), simple and at the same time create enough curiosity to attract audience.

2.      Sub-text is the next thing to work on

After sparking interest on your visitor’s mind, the next essential thing is the sub-text. Continuing from the headline, the sub-text must describe how your app is unique and why it is a must-have one. A successful sub-text should be able to ‘seal the deal’. In other words, it must excite your visitors and make them explore it. Essentially, it must lead to prospective conversions.

3.      An image or a video would be helpful

A picture equals 1000 words while moving pictures equal a million people! It is well-known that visuals can convey emotions much better and quicker than words. So make your page more effective by adding a picture or a video that shows the value of your application.

You can add a picture that shows your app. However, a better way to do it is to add a picture that depicts the result or the benefit of using the app. Likewise, when you feature a video, try to show how your application can help users rather than making a video that explains its features. Videos on a landing page are known to nitro boost conversions.

4.     The downloading link


There is no magic trick to this. But you must ensure that you have a download link in your landing page. Just in case you have your application in many platforms like the Android and the iOS, add both the links. Make the download button or link easily visible so that your visitor doesn’t have to search or scroll down the page.

5.     Lead capturing description          

As mentioned above, you must focus on offering value to your customers rather than your app details and features. For example, if your application is in the productivity line, give your audience some insight on how they can be productive in their workplace or personal life.

Like any business, the success of your product largely depends on your marketing skills and methods. Apart from a great landing page, you can also run an effective email course or send newsletters to your audience.

To sum up, the golden rule for a successful landing page is – ‘give more value to your customer’. If you are successful in doing that, you will not only get more attention but your app will have a greater chance of going viral by social sharing and word of mouth.      


Image Credit : StartupCollective, Tatango  



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