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How to Boost Productivity with Aromatherapy

When you're sitting at your office desk and working hard, it's unlikely that you think, "I wonder what smells could make me more productive?" Aromatherapy may not seem like a handy tool to help make your work more efficient, but you'd be amazed by how a few simple smells can totally transform the way you work.

Why is this? Your olfactory bulbs are the scent receptors in your nose, and they are directly connected to your brain's limbic system. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for learning and emotions, and inhaling the right scents can activate your hypothalamus -the part of your brain that sends messages to the rest of your body.

With aromatherapy, you use essential oils to trigger emotions and changes in your body. It has been proven to stimulate your digestive tract, boost your immune system, regulate your blood pressure, and, best of all, increase your productivity!

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Smell Right, Work Harder

Here are a few scents that will help you be more productive today:


The smell of peppermint is effective at invigorating your mind, clearing your head for hard thinking, increasing concentration, and giving you a boost of energy. If you've got a brainstorming meeting coming up or need to get creative, it's time to break out the peppermint essential oils!


Need to focus on the task at hand? Get a whiff of some lemon oil, and you'll find that your mind will be clear and calm. You can fight stress and anxiety by inhaling this oil, and it will even help to boost your immune system and fight off the illness that is making it so hard to work. You can also stimulate healthy circulation with lemon oil - essential for office workers that sit in a chair all day long.


Feeling sleepy at the end of a long work day? Take a smell of Christmas, and fight that mental fatigue. Cinnamon can help to increase your focus, and will make it easier to concentrate on what you're doing without feeling drowsy.


Lavender is wonderful for calming your irritated or stressed nerves, so take a big whiff when your boss is getting on your case. It can help to reduce emotional turmoil, and it can relieve the tension in your muscles that comes from being stressed all day long. It will make you feel happy, fight depression, and can even reduce the pain behind your eyes caused by a pounding headache.


Tired after a long weekend? Come Monday morning, inhale deeply of rosemary essential oils. It will stimulate your brain, fight the exhaustion that comes with a weekend of partying, and can even get rid of that headache. It's the scent you want to inhale along with your morning cup of coffee, because it can really get you going!


This is a very calming scent, one that will help to ease the stress of a long work day. It will uplift your spirits and get rid of any depressive feelings, and you'll find yourself much more positive and confident for the rest of the day.

How can you use these scents? Simple:

  1. Dip a cotton ball in the essential oils, and inhale deeply whenever you need a boost.
  2. Use an electric diffuser to create a gentle mist.
  3. Add the essential oils into a spray bottle with some water, and spray it into the air.

You'll find that these scents will go a long way towards helping you get a lot more done in your day! Aromatotherapy is an indispensible part of your productivity boosting efforts. There is no better solution than enhancing your workplace physical and mental well being with ingredients stemming right from the heart of nature.  

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