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Bored Office Worker Makes Fake GoPro Commercial

Insert letter into envelope. Seal it. Stamp it. And repeat. 

One YouTuber by the name "Brazilliandanny" decided to post a boring, yet entertaining fake commercial showing just how dull office work can be at times.

The video, which was shot with a GoPro camera, shows a first-person perspective of the worker using a copy machine, placing stamps on envelopes, surfing the net, and doing other productive tasks like fumbling his pin and playing paper basketball.

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On, Brazilliandanny revealed to viewers that he once worked for a monotonous real estate firm.

A few commentators were quick to state how boring the job appeared to be. Some even doubted that he had a job and asked why the office was so deserted. 

Brazilliandanny responded that most of his coworkers were out working with clients, making it more convenient for him to shoot the video. 

The purpose behind the video is unknown, but one can assume that Brazilliandanny was bored and wanted to show just how tedious work can be as an office worker. He also portrayed a great example of how lonely it gets at times inside an office.

Several former real estate workers said that they too have had the exact same experience of boredom.

User Piercethedickish implied that he wanted to "jump out my building window" after watching the video, since it mirrored his everyday work routine. 

Well, when work becomes too repetitive you can always follow in the footsteps of those who have quit in hopes to find a more exciting and fulfilling career.

Commentator Teds101 added that he developed anxiety and stress from working in an office job similar to the one depicted in Brazilliandanny’s GoPro video. Now that he’s decided to pursue a job that involves working outdoors, he says the "quality of life has gone up significantly." 

Yet, not every office job lacks excitement. For instance, the staff at digital media company BuzzFeed work in an environment filled with energy, spontaneity, and a lot of film recording. Their viral comedic videos show just how lively and fun office work is when you’re employed with the right company.

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Apart from the catchy music and amusing video clips, would you say this mock commercial demonstrates the everyday mundane tasks in-office and cubicle employees have to endure?

Office workers, leave your comments below… 


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