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How to Break Into the Fashion Industry According to Zoolander

If you thought you were fabulous, you obviously haven’t met Derek Zoolander. One of the most famous male top models of all time that was disgraced in an unfortunate gasoline fight accident. However, he bounced back triumphantly and with the appropriate amount of pizazz Zoolander managed to thwart an assassination plot against the President of Malaysia. He even managed to turn left after years of only being able to turn right. Now there is a personal challenge if I ever saw one.

Not just a pretty face

Male Supermodels are often just seen as a pretty face, but they are so much more. Behind their bulbous pecks, there is a heart, a beautiful, well-defined heart. It was with that big heart and his unparalleled good looks that Zoolander managed to get his perfect foot in the door.

Don’t just be a model

Although a Male Model might be the epitome of Adonic beauty, they can rise to the occasion when necessary. So even if you are rejected don’t worry they were probably blinded by your radiating godlike attractiveness. Think creatively, maybe offer them welding masks or even those very ugly post-eye-doctor sunglasses.

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Follow direction

Although it has been used against models in the past, following direction and embodying the designer’s vision with your exquisite body as a canvas is crucial when trying to become a Male Supermodel. No matter what, you are a professional and professionals do as they’re told.

So if you want to break into the world of male modelling why not take some advice from Derek Zoolander. Who knows maybe some day you will be able to turn left...

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