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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 10, 2013
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How to Break Your Job Search Up

If you’re working a stressful and time-consuming job that takes up a great deal of your time both mentally and physically, then you may be struggling to find time to search for new employment.

But if you are truly fed up with your job circumstances and are after a change, you need to take small, manageable steps that will enable you to get your job search off to a kick start.  

Try these tips below for getting your job search on the right track!

Write a list

Before you begin your job search, buy a ‘job search’ notebook. Write a list of every company you can think of that you’ve ever wanted to work. Gradually work through your list, searching their company website for vacancies and sending both invited and uninvited applications.

Include a list of all the online job platforms that you know of. Be sure to subscribe to these platforms and regularly check them for the latest vacancies.

On a separate page, list your short and long term career goals. Include inspirational quotes that you can regularly read when you are in need of some motivation.

Wake up earlier

Some people work better in the morning; others late at night. But by job searching late into the night, you will wind up feeling exhausted for work the next day, rather than refreshed and ready to continue with your search.

Try to force yourself to wake up earlier in the morning, to dedicate this time to job searching. The mornings are generally the quietest time of the day, so you will have the chance to focus solely on job hunting with limited distraction. Try to devote at least an hour to job searching.

Be strict with your time

Don’t let yourself get distracted. This is valuable time that should be used wisely, so forget updating your Facebook profile or having a quick look on your favourite clothing website! Focus 100% on the task at hand.

Create a weekly to-do list and outline exactly when you will take each step

Move forward each day, even if the steps are only minor. Before you know it, your new career will be right around the corner. 

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