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Breaking the Stereotypes: British Men Increasingly Pursue Secretarial Positions

Gone are the days when men were not considering administrative, secretarial or typing-based roles because they felt these were not paying enough or they were more for women. The secretarial role has changed hugely nowadays. The number of men applying for secretarial positions has surged, firstly because of the growing graduate unemployment – with more than one-fifth graduates being out of work – and secondly due to the attractive salaries involved in such professions.

David Morel, of Tiger Recruitment, stated that ‘Out of the 1,000 candidates we’ve registered in the past 12 months, roughly 200 are male’ and this amount continues to rise.

On the other hand, Quest Professional, which offers training programs for the corporate sector, announced that this was the first year that men had enrolled on its executive PA course and that more and more men are registering on its administrative course.

Change of attitude towards secretarial jobs

Susanna Tail, managing director of Tay Associates said that the role of the PA has changed immensely, and with it, the pool of applicants it attracts.

Guys who are working as Personal Assistants (PA) are realising the importance of their role, namely providing a lot of business support to their boss and that is reflected in their salary – which can hit £75,000 a year.

It is an apparent career option for ambitious individuals eager to work at the center of the business field. Not only does it enable them to organise and manage commitments, but also to project-manage schedules and interact with a great network of contacts. 

As Joshua Watson, an executive assistant to a female director at Barclays, said: I don’t feel I’m treated any differently just because I’m male.I don’t think that is an issue for my generation. It’s a good job for me because I am passionate about organizing. I have good exposure to the top people in the company and I want to climb the ladder.'

It is interesting to see how economic crisis can change trends such as occupations that were traditionally carried out by women now being taken over by men. But it seems that we should go beyond regarding this reality from a ‘gender’ point of view, because secretarial professions nowadays involve a wide range of benefits and incentives for both genders, something which it is reflected on their demand by thousands of UK graduates.


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