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Breaking Up with Your Boss? There’s an App to Help You Quit Your Job!

In today’s digital world, there’s a phone application for everything. Whether you want to track your fitness goals, remember to drink water, find the best restaurants or entertainment in your location, you can do all this and more. Now, an app has been released that can even help you quit your job.

The App

If you have ever had to confront your boss to tell them that you are resigning from your job, you’ll know how stressful it can be. According to an article published in Forbes, over two million Americans are leaving their jobs on a monthly basis. Having the talk with their employers is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are not a very self-assured person. But now an app called Quit Your Job makes it easier for you by sending a text message to your boss to notify them that you are quitting your job.

How it Works…

It’s a humorous app built for the iPhone but in spite of its entertaining factor, the app creators are hoping people will actually use it to help them leave their jobs. How the app works is that users will go through various steps to determine why they want to leave their jobs, and then it creates a text message that is sent directly to their bosses. The Quit Your Job app was inspired by another phone app called BreakupText that allows their uses to leave their partner digitally. 

Digital Drama 

The problem is that using technology for difficult life situations, such as break-ups or job resignations, can be highly impersonal and sure to create tensions. For evidence of this, just look at how people react when their relationship is terminated via text message, even though this is slowly gaining popularity as a break-up method. It’s often more hurtful than being told in a kind way, such as in person. Although technology aims to make our lives easier, it can also lead to complications. Your boss might view a text message that you’re quitting as very abrupt and brutal, which could result in you burning bridges. For instance, should you wish to receive a reference for your time at the company, this might not be an option if your boss feels that you have sent a resignation that could be seen as void of tact or lacking decency. 

Hiding Behind the Screen 

Of course, apps like this have their place and could be seen as helping workers deal with the awkwardness of resigning, however they should not be used if you are just hoping to avoid taking accountability for your actions. This comes with the risk of not presenting you as the responsible and confident worker that you would want future employers to see you as when you start job-hunting again. Although breaking up with your boss via text can help give you the quick-fix option of quitting without having to do so in person, it lacks the emotional cues and gestures that can make the process much more bearable for both parties involved.

Digital options that enable us to make life more convenient might not be a permanent solution to your problem. There’s always the risk that your boss might want further clarification on your resignation, with the result that you could find yourself in an even more awkward situation than if you just confronted him face-to-face.

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