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CVS / APR. 23, 2015
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How to Breathe New Life into Your Résumé

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How to Ensure Your Résumé Meets Industry Standards
CVS / JUN 22, 2015

Perfecting your résumé is a very complicated thing. You usually find yourself writing in isolation, with little input from others until the document is finished and only...

How to Improve Your Résumé After 50
CVS / MAY 06, 2015

For individuals who are out of work and over 50, getting back into the workplace can seem like a daunting task, especially when you think about having to edit your...

How to Deal with an Incomplete Degree on Your Résumé
CVS / MAR 16, 2015

When you are applying for a job, chances are either you have not yet completed your degree or you don’t intend to finish it any time soon. Whatever the circumstances are...

How to Change Your CV Into a Résumé When Applying for US Jobs
CVS / JUN 10, 2015

The title specifically says "for US jobs" because a CV and a résumé are the same thing in Europe. This post is for Americans looking to leave the field of academia who...

How to Write a Résumé for a Thespian
CVS / FEB 22, 2015

Are you a thespian? If so, you may feel like the typical résumé advice just doesn’t apply to you. And you’d be right – it doesn’t. Acting résumés break just about every...

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