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British Minister Says Beyoncé is a Good Role Model for Young Women

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“What I like to see is people like Beyoncé,” said British Employment Minister Esther McVey.  

When referring to the pop singer, McVey expressed how awestruck she is with Beyoncé’s celebrity image. 

Although the singer conveys herself as too provocative at times, the minister says young women should idolize Beyoncé for her charisma and sex appeal.

“Here is a woman who is bling-a-ding. Not only does she look like that and act like that - I’ve seen her perform and I was blown away - but she is at the top of her profession.”

Beyoncé, who rose to fame in the late 90s with Pop/R&B group Destiny’s Child, has been in the spotlight as a solo artist since 2003. She has won 365 Grammy awards and sold nearly 130 million albums worldwide. 

Apart from singing, Beyoncé enjoys acting in which she has starred in movies like “Austin Powers in Goldmember” (2002), “The Pink Panther” (2006), and “Dream Girls” (2006). 

The 33-year-old also dabbles in fashion, philanthropy, and politics. According to a nationwide impression, both her and husband Jay-Z are really good friends with President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama.   

In November, Forbes named her the top earning female performer and singer in the music industry of 2014—with a $115 million annual revenue.

Beyoncé has admitted once to being very shy and reserved in most cases, but when it comes to performing and being on stage, she turns into her out going and sexy alter ego “Sash Fierce.”

In her most recent “On the Run” world tour with husband and rapper Jay-Z; Beyoncé was usually seen showing off her sultry legs in a leotard while dancing erotically to “Drunk in Love.”

The 21-stop tour—which had an average attendance of 45,000 fans per show—made over $95 million alone.  

It’s no surprise that McVey would be impressed by Beyoncé’s stardom, especially when it comes to the vocalist’s relentless work ethic.

However, some may wonder how can a singer’s racy “bling-a-ding” persona be ideal for a young little girl to look up to?

Well, McVey says that “sexy” images are not of a concern for her, especially considering the fact that she had her share of “fun” prior to entering into office.

Last year, suggestive photos of McVey dating back to 1999 went viral on the Internet.

At the time, McVey was a GMTV presenter and launching her TV career. While she received some backlash for her actions, McVey implies that she doesn’t regret what she did in her past life.

"I’m not embarrassed,” McVey said. “That is part of my life, part of my journey in life. I’ve worked in business, in TV, in construction. They’ve all made me the person I am."

While Beyoncé is one of McVey’s suggestive female role models, she also has named other ideal women such as:

  • The first female astronaut to command a space shuttle, Eileen Collins.
  • The Chief Executive of Pineapple and the first woman to set up a PLC, Debbie Moore.
  • The first CEO of the London Stock Exchange, Clara Furse.

McVey says, however, that Liverpudlian Rose Heilbron, the first woman to ever be appointed to the Queen’s Counsel (QC), is her top role model of choice.

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