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Budding Lawyers Shouldn't Look at SUITS For Inspiration

The USA Network original series SUITS is now onto its fourth season and over the past 4 years it has entertained everyone with the events surrounding a top New York law firm. However, it is the character Harvey Specter, portrayed brilliantly by Gabriel Macht that has captured the imagination of most due to the larger than life persona that he exudes. The rest of the cast are also able actors, most notably Patrick J. Adams who plays the role of Mike Ross, a protégé of Harvey Specter who has not even been to law school.

All very gripping right? Sure it is an excellent watch for those seeking entertainment but if someone is trying to make it as a lawyer one should not look at SUITS as their inspiration. Here are some of the reasons: -

1. You Simply Should Not Take the LSAT for Someone Else

Well, this is something that goes without saying but Mike Ross apparently used to make a living by taking the LSAT for other candidates, who did not have the competence to get through it. So, if you think you have the knowledge to crack the LSAT and make a fast buck by taking the LSAT for someone else, you should reject that idea as soon as possible. You would get caught.

2. No Boss Would Ever Allow You to Get Away with What Harvey Specter Does

If you have an offer from a leading law firm like the one portrayed in the series, do not think that you can get away with what Harvey Specter does just because you are a top performer. As it is often portrayed in the series, Harvey Specter takes risks but law is a profession that is based on minimising risks for the clients and so if you end up risking the interests of your clients, you would be in the bad books of your boss forever.

3. You Won’t Win Every Case

It is a given that in a law career that might span a few decades, you would lose a few cases here and there, since there are certain cases which simply aren’t strong enough. However, if you have the ‘I always win’ attitude like Harvey Specter then there is a chance that you would end up losing more often than not. A legal battle is never a personal one and hence you would be committing a huge mistake if you take following that same attitude as portrayed in SUITS.

4. Lawyers Do Not Have Feuds

All top lawyers run into each other at some point of time but the events of a legal battle does not create a blood feud between the two. All lawyers are consummate professionals and hence they do not take things personally. So, it is unlikely that you would ever come across anyone like Travis Tanner whose only aim in life is to ‘beat’ Harvey Specter. On the other hand, you yourself should not think of starting a personal vendetta against any lawyer who gets the better of you at some point.

5. It’s Not All about Designer Suits and Glass Offices

Right after hiring Mike Ross, his mentor Harvey Specter sends him to one of the most exclusive suit tailors in New York to get a designer suit, however it needs to be pointed out that you would never be able to afford those suits when you first join a law firm. Additionally, the huge open spaces that you see in the offices of the law firm in SUITS are not what you should expect in a law firm. You would spend most of your initial years slogging in a small cubicle. However, it does get better after a few years.


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