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How to Build a Great Working Relationship With Your Boss

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Of all your workplace relationships, there is no doubt the one you hold with your boss deserves 100 percent commitment. Why? The answer is simple. Bosses have a great impact on the workplace environment and hold the key to yours professional development.

A great working relationship with your boss not only makes you look forward to going to work on Monday, but also gives you an experienced friend with whom you can discuss professional issues.

So, how do you develop a great relationship with your employer? What should you do to capture his or her attention? It’s time to learn.

Observe and Learn

The school of love and romance teaches us that people with similar interests and personality traits are easily attracted to each other. This principle can be applied in the workplace. Most people tend to strike up conversations with colleagues that have similar career views. To get a relationship with your boss started, take your time to learn his style. Listen to his speeches or even the jokes he shares with other employees. This way, you are able to understand his communication style, as well as learn whether his likes and dislikes match yours.

Catch His Attention

Not every employee gets the opportunity to share a laugh with the boss. This is even more difficult in large organizations and for employees in entry-level positions. Irrespective of your position, you can catch the attention of your boss by, for instance, being exceptional at your work. Lucky you if the organization you work for has an ‘employee of the month’ award program. If you can secure the award two or three times in a row, it won’t be long before the boss recognizes you.

Make the Move

When the time to approach the boss for the first time comes, even the boldest hearts can get frail. It is important to adequately prepare for the moment so that should you meet him abruptly, you would be ready to grab the opportunity. Be prepared to impress. Having noted his communication style, you should be able to set the tone of your conversation. If he loves to laugh, arm yourself with one or two light jokes. Before you know it, you would have initiated a very important relationship.

Invest in the Relationship

Relationships take time to grow. The one with your boss can even take longer since you won’t be meeting or communicating often. You can invest in your new relationship by meeting the expectations of your boss. If he is put off by absenteeism, try your best to beat the morning traffic and get to work on time. Show you are a reliable and hardworking person. Once in a while, pass by his office and share a joke.

Don’t Wait for Praise

When there is more work to be done, praise is a luxury most bosses can’t afford. Although you might be working harder than usual to please your boss, don’t expect any personal praise to come your way. Instead, focus on doing what you do best. If a promotion comes your way, that might be the boss’s silent way of praising you.

Ask for Advice

Don’t shy away from asking your boss for advice. This is the best way to let her know you admire her leadership abilities. Fewer things make bosses feel prouder than knowing their employees are loyal believers of their leadership styles. Although you could ask for her opinion on any matter, it is advisable to keep it professional.

Avoid Office Gossip

To maintain a healthy relationship with your boss, stay above office politics and gossip. Avoid commenting on unnecessary issues and when you must, ensure it is a well thought-out comment. Your colleagues may dislike you for not being part of the gossip, but it is nothing compared to losing the trust of your boss.

Finally, as your relationship grows, you can establish an open line of communication through which you can share information at any time. This will lead to a solid, long-term relationship with no boundaries.

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