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LEADERSHIP / AUG. 14, 2014
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Building Blocks of Leadership: Recognition

When you accomplish something, who should get the credit? You, of course. Right? It depends on what you want out of your career. It is more important to complete things as a leader and not worry about who gets credit than it is to ensure that your individual contribution is noticed. For individuals, maybe you care about getting credit more than anything else, but there may even be an argument as to why that isn’t the case.

Credit or Not, You Will Be Noticed

This is one of the hardest parts of being in a leadership role; when things go wrong, it is your fault, when they go write, it is your teams. When you start worrying about who is going to get credit for a given task, things start to spiral downhill fast. You have to ensure that projects are completed, as a leader, and worry only about end results.

If you are a part of a team that is consistently successful, you are going to be noticed, no matter what part of your contribution is seen. This is the hard part for those not in a leadership role. If you aren’t being noticed for your contributions, how are you going to move up within your organization? That is a complicated question and there is no hard fact that points to proof that things will happen for you. Getting recognized is important in many aspects, but ultimately, if you work hard, contribute to a team and that team is successful, you will be noticed.

Most leaders will pay attention to what their team is doing. Even if you feel you are not being noticed, or you are not gaining recognition, you are. In the same sense, if you are being lazy, letting others handle the work and floating along, that is being seen as well.

Leaders Forgo Recognition

You will rarely be the key focus of recognition once you are in a leadership role. Instead, you will be the bridge that links a team of talented individuals to upper management. While your team will be recognized for their hard work, know that the lack of picking you out of the bunch is not something that is a slight to your contribution. Instead, you are expected to lead. Success is expected. When you do well, you did not surprise anyone, you simply did what you were supposed to do.

With that said, the responsibility of leadership is a heavy one and you will be recognized internally. Those who watch you will appreciate what you do. Leadership is not something that is easy and it definitely does not come naturally to a great majority of individuals. When you are successful, it will be seen.

With all of that said, as a leader, it is your duty to recognize those that are doing outstanding work. You cannot simply expect them to do work without any appreciation. For most, something as simple as saying “Great job on that project,” or “Thanks for all your hard work today,” is all that is required.

Most people thrive off the little forms of recognition that are not as common these days as they should be. Be that difference and make sure those that work so hard for you are aware of what they are doing. You can do something big if someone goes well above and beyond, but a simple, personal “Thank you” will often do wonders for the moral of the team.

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