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Business Owners Can Learn From Celebrities About Twitter

Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have the highest followed Twitter accounts. Yes, celebrities, that’s right. The majority of people in business will look and scoff at the sight of these stars’ social media pages. Who cares what they tweet, right? Why does it matter how many people are following them? But there’s one thing entrepreneurs don’t know and have yet to recognise. People in business can in fact learn a lot from celebrities and their Twitter pages. When it comes to social media and celebrities, business owners can take some guidance towards managing their social media page.

Show off your company’s ’personality’

There’s a reason why fans follow certain celebrities. Beliebers want to be up to date with the latest Justin Bieber photo and Gaga’s Little Monsters want to hear her latest single. People follow celebrities for curiosity. We want a peek into their lives. Business owners should consider this point and learn something vital. A company’s Twitter page needs personality. The company will be followed because they post interesting tweets. By being current and thought-provoking, followers are more likely to retweet and newbies are bound to get following! It’s important the company’s personality shines through a tweet.  

Communitation is key to success

You will notice on Twitter that fans are constantly asking a celebrity for a retweet or a mention. Being noticed by your favourite star can make your day. Business men and women- take note of this! Just because a company isn’t famous (yet) and whether or not you’re a celebrity it doesn’t mean your followers will not appreciate a reply or retweet now and again. Engage with and acknowledge your followers! Communication is imperative!

Controversy can make or break you

Kim Kardashian and Chris Brown are constantly being talked about regarding their controversial tweets. A celebrity goes ranting or replies to a hater and this is followed by a scandal. It’s important that people in business think about what they tweet before tweeting it. It’s easy for emotions to get the best of you, therefore keep the anger and disputes away from Twitter. It’s never a good idea to be a keyboard warrior. The phrase, ‘Think before you speak’ is relatable to social media. Think before you type.

It’s clear that the future of business marketing really does lie within the realms of social media, and in particular, Twitter! To all companies that are launching their social media presence or to aspiring entrepreneurs, now would be the right time for you to scroll through those celebrity Twitter pages. Who knew business people would be learning a lesson or two from Justin Bieber and Katy Perry?! It’s never too late to learn something new! 

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