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Can Vessel Steal YouTube’s Market Share?

A lot of controversy has been going around recently with YouTubers increasingly using the subscription-supported video content provider, Vessel. Top creators have already flocked to this new video site and according to reports the US web video startup intends to take on YouTube this year. Users can use this service in two ways: either choose the free version with ads or the subscription-based option for $2.99 a month promising fewer ads and early access to new releases. Users can also watch their favourite web series, music videos and complete segments from TV. Vessel is promising to become independent creators’ favourite platform, allowing them to share next generation video, and connect with their fans around the world. Artists’ fans can watch new videos before they are officially released. During this early access period (it lasts for only 72 hours), content creators earn 60% of subscription and 70% of advertising revenue.

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Google’s video service has taken the world’s users by storm, attracting more than one billion of viewers on a monthly basis. The question is: Will Vessel affect the popularity of YouTube at all? If so, in what ways? Please share your thoughts with us.

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