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FOOD & FITNESS / JUL. 27, 2015
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Can you Survive Work Stress with Just a Salad?

Many of us have had those days -- or weeks, or months -- at work, during which the stress of the job just gets to be too much. Maybe it’s a big project, maybe it’s your co-workers, or maybe it’s even the job itself. But whatever it is that’s getting you down, you need to find a way to get back up.  You might not be able to make that big project go away or to fix a bad boss, but the good news is that you can take steps to manage your stress level through a healthy diet and exercise. 

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So, when the question is whether you could survive work stress with only a salad, the answer is: Yes, possibly.
A number of foods are filled with stress-fighting vitamins, minerals or oils, making them good additions to your next salad lunch. Try adding some of these: 


This leafy green is packed with nutrients, including magnesium, which helps to cut down on fatigue and headaches. You don’t have to only eat spinach salads, either. Other dark leafy greens such as kale are also packed with nutrients that can foster a healthy body and brain. Pepper your salad with different types of greens each time, so you don’t get bored and you still get the benefits.


Another great source of magnesium is salmon, so try topping your next salad with a small filet. Salmon is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help cut down on rises in stress hormones. Other fatty fishes such as tuna are also good sources of Omega-3’s.


Who needs an excuse to eat more avocado? If you do, here’s one: they’re rich in potassium, which can help to manage blood pressure. 


Walnuts also help to manage blood pressure. When you’re keeping your blood pressure levels in control, you’ll be able to manage stress and anxiety better. 


Almonds contain lots of Vitamin B to help manage stress and Vitamin E, which improves the immune system, making them a great addition to your next yummy salad. 


Anything with Vitamin C will help you cut down on stress hormones -- and that includes apples, which make a great addition to your salad. Also try adding oranges to an Asian-style salad.


Complex carbs 

Try adding some whole-grain croutons or a piece of whole-grain bread on the side of your salad. Carbs produce serotonin, which makes you feel good.


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While eating a healthy salad during the work day can help you feel good and help you combat some of the stress that’s coming your way, you also need to incorporate regular exercise into your routine in order to really get the full stress-fighting benefits. Try assembling your salad in the morning before work, so you’re not rushing around trying to find a salad bar or chopping up ingredients on your lunch break. Once you’ve eaten your healthy meal, use the rest of your break to go for a thirty-minute walk, thereby getting in your daily dose of exercise and coming back to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day’s challenges.

Are you a salad fan or do you think salads should be used as a side dish? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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