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Career Insights: INTERVIEW with Adam Spencer of Musomania

For the second installment of Career Insights, I’d like to give you a comprehensive insight into the life and thoughts of a hard-working online business owner.

With this in mind, I caught up with Adam Spencer, founder and boss of Musomania - a creative service which helps musicians promote themselves and their music through building professional websites at affordable prices, while offering an educational resource about the do’s and don’ts of the music biz.

Get ready for priceless advice, interesting insights and music based banter...

Hi Adam, Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do at Musomania?

Sure! I love good coffee, sucker for scenery and I am a firm believer that Musicians need to have a home base for their music online. Funnily enough, the last thing I mentioned there is exactly what we do at Musomania. We design affordable websites for musicians - a place they can call home online and direct all their fans too. Your HQ is where transactions happen, whether that transaction is monetary or a fan giving you their email address in return for something of value. Your HQ is where you strengthen your relationship with your fan base and is ultimately in no small part the source of your income as an artist.

Have you always had a passion for music? What would you say your favourite genre is?

Mhmm, good question... I have always loved music, I can’t think of a way to articulate this without sounding cheesy, but I believe there is a kind of magic in music. Nothing else has the ability to dictate one’s emotions and state of mind as music does. I don’t think I have a favourite genre, if I had to say one it would be rock.

And, what is playing on your personal jukebox at the moment?

My playlist is currently rocking some Bob Dylan, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Frank Turner, Eskimo Joe, a little bit of Snow Patrol and the Eagles. Oh, and as a bonus, ‘Let it Go’ from the movie Frozen seems to be stuck on repeat in my head.

Was there anything in particular that inspired you to actually get up and start Musomania?

This somehow ties into the last question. But, for a long time I was the guy working in selling: selling houses, selling insurance, selling beds. I was good at it, but it was killing me inside. I am a creative person at heart, and I have a lot of ideas. But I wasn’t acting on those ideas. There came a point where I thought I don’t want to be 40 and still dreaming of starting a business - and that mindset has stayed with me ever since I started my first business about 8 years ago. We won’t get into that, because it was an epic failure. But to answer your question, what motivated me to get up and start Musomania was this - I saw a gap in the market, I view building a business as my creative outlet and I am in love with the dream and passion I see in every artist’s eyes to see their dream realised, and I want to help that happen anyway I can.

Since starting the business, have you received a positive response, and have you got any tricks up your sleeve for the near future?

Good question! Yes a very positive response. We recently finished a site for Jack Conte  independent artist and CEO of If you’ve never heard of it, check it out. It’s a crowdfunding platform for creative people.

As for tricks, none that I want to share right now. We are focusing a lot of our energy on refining the site, brushing up on new technologies and just making the customer experience all it can be.

What is a typical day in the life of Adam Spencer?

My day generally starts anywhere between 7am - 8:15am. Quick breakfast, gym for an hour. Then back to the laptop to get my emails out of the way. By then it’s usually around 10am. Most of my day involves creating new relationships, reaching out to musicians and trying to give as much as I can. We do a little bit of blog posting, trying to ramp that up in the coming months.

I have a small team that handles the designing and development of the websites; it’s really my job to build the systems that make it all possible.

By 6pm I am winding down, that’s generally when I try to catch up on a little bit of social media.

To kind of cap this off, everyday seems to be different for me, but one thing always that stays the same is my morning routine.

Finally, what advice would you give to any young and aspiring musicians or budding entrepreneurs out there?

START NOW! With your idea in your heart, persistence in your left hand, perseverance in your right and a plan in your head (remember, plans can change, so don’t get stuck up on getting your plan 100% right).

But seriously, start right now. Do something right now that will get your closer to your goal, then, once you finish that, miraculously, the next step will appear - then tackle that. Rinse and repeat.

Thanks Adam, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

If you’d like to ask Adam any questions, please feel free to do so by emailing him via, or by leaving a comment below.

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