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Career lessons from Nicole Scherzinger

From struggling member of failed girl group Eden’s Crush to global superstar, Nicole Scherzinger’s rise to fame has been helped by her talent and some strategic career moves. As 2013 ended, it was announced that Nicole had signed a $5 million record deal with Sony Music Entertainment - not bad for a self-confessed shy and quiet girl who came from humble beginnings. However, not everything she touches turns to gold. Her career has been punctuated by some ups and downs which have taught her some lessons along the way. Here are some career lessons we can gain from Nicole Scherzinger’s glittering career:

Always take the opportunity to showcase your talents

In her role as a talent show judge, Nicole can be safe in the knowledge that she has the authority to judge people due to her astonishing talent as a singer. During the final of X Factor UK, she dueted with finalist Sam Bailey on a stunning performance of “And I am telling you.” Unfortunately, for Sam, Nicole completely outshone her with her amazing voice. Nicole was criticised for stealing the limelight, but the truth was she took her opportunity to show off her voice, and it paid off when she was awarded her new record deal. Never miss the chance to show off your talents and remind people – subtly if possible - just how good you are.                 

Be aware that successes can easily turn into failures

When Nicole served as a guest judge on X Factor UK in 2010 she impressed with her contribution and personality, so much so that Simon Cowell promoted her from a presenter on X Factor USA to one of the main judges. However, her first year was unsuccessful. She failed to win over the American public with her indecisive judging and sparked controversy when she voted off a much-loved contestant. She was fired from the show after just one season. It proves that even something that we perceive to be a success can turn sour. However, the business lesson here is to learn the lessons from this and move on.

Establish your own unique brand

When Nicole became a permanent judge on X Factor UK, she was faced with the challenge of winning over the British public. However, she refused to be anyone other than herself, and proceeded to showcase her zany sense of humour and unique phrases. Despite some critics mistaking her for being drunk on the show, she soon gained thousands of fans who admired her honesty and personality. Soon the phrase “Sha-mazing” was trending on Twitter. Nicole has successfully established a brand and showcased her personality by staying true to herself which is something we could all do in business.  

Stay positive

Although it may seem like Nicole has had it easy, she’s had her struggles like everyone else. She recently opened up about her 8 year struggle with bulimia whilst in the Pussycat Dolls, and her on-off relationship with Lewis Hamilton has been a constant source of upset for her. Nicole admitted that 2013 was a bad year for her and was often seen in tears on X Factor. However, her experiences have only made her stronger. There’s a lesson here – if something is not going right for you in your career, stay strong and positive and keep going. However, there is no shame in admitting that things are tough and asking for help.

Follow your gut instinct and stick by your decisions

In X Factor UK, Nicole made a controversial decision when she put “comedy act” Rylan Clark through to the live shows. This led to them both receiving death threats on Twitter and annoyed millions of fans of the show who argued that Rylan’s presence was standing in the way of true talent. However, Nicole refused to back down and stood by Rylan, who went on to become a TV personality. In our careers we may need to make unpopular decisions, but if we believe they are the right ones, stick by them no matter what anyone might think.

Don’t let negativity from colleagues get you down

Nicole was known for being the “main talent and voice” in the PCD, a fact that annoyed the rest of the group. Several of the Pussycat Dolls have given interviews to the media slating Nicole (co-incidentally at the same time as their own projects are released) but Nicole has refused to comment. Sometimes in our careers when people are backstabbing and criticising us, it’s best to maintain a dignified silence and get on with our own jobs instead of rising to the bait.

2014 looks set to be a great year for Nicole as she continues to demonstrate her talent and work-ethic. Perhaps the reason Nicole has gotten to where she is today is that she never rests on her laurels and is continually trying to improve and isn’t afraid to work hard or go after what she wants. As she says, “I love what I do and I strive to be better; that’s what keeps me going. I’m never a slacker, always a striver.” Our careers can benefit from following Nicole’s lead.

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