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Career Lessons You can Learn from Celebrity Mistakes

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1. #1 Charlie Sheen
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One of the most notorious of celebs in terms of career mishaps and unprofessional attitude is Charlie Sheen. Whilst he spent much of his time playing the well loved character ‘Charlie’ in Two and a Half Men, behind the scenes he was a very different character altogether. Widely reported by various sources to have fits of rage on set and many state that he would swear and verbally abuse his co-workers and assistants. This poor attitude towards work led to his eventual downfall and removal from the major US sitcom. Lesson – Never verbally abuse those who work with you or for you, as you never know when you may need their help most. You should always maintain a professional attitude, irrespective of how successful you become in life.

The "celebrity" lifestyle may look perfect from the outside, but many of the rich and famous have made terrible mistakes in their careers (whether privately or publicly) and for some, the ability to recover has been unattainable.

Subscribing to celeb magazines and scouring social media sites for the latest gossip of your favourite celebrities will only benefit you if you use the information you find out about them to your advantage. By this, I mean that you should learn from both their achievements in life, and career mistakes.

Take a look at the top 5 celebrities that make it to the list of "Celebrity Career Mistakes you can Learn From":

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