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Career Opportunities at Disney

Who needs an introduction to The Walt Disney Company more fondly referred to as Disney! It is the world’s largest mass media company in terms of revenue and has established itself in the minds of people as family entertainment right from the time of its inception in 1923 by Walter Disney. Even though people commonly recognize the word Disney for its movies and Disneyland, Walt Disney is a wider ocean comprising of sectors like Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Consumer Products, ESPN, Marvel, Hyperion Press, Disney ABC Television Group, etc.,

Disney, with its plethora of businesses offers a wide range of departments to work in. Career areas include Broadcast/ Media (Technical Operations, Production & Programming etc.,), Corporate (Human Resources, Legal, Publishing, Finance, etc.,), Sales/ Marketing, Operations/ Travel (Food Beverage/ Culinary, Medical/ Nursing, etc.,), Technology/ Digital (Gaming, Research & Development, etc.,), Creative (Animation, Structural Architecture/ Design etc.,), etc.,  

Administrative job profiles require a minimum of 2 years as experience whereas posts like ‘Talent Development Coordinator’ do not state a full time work experience as requirement. Instead it states a requirement of 1-2 years involvement in the social sphere of Tumblr, Twitter, etc., The post also expects knowledge and experience of using Adobe and Office products. Most positions insist on a Bachelor’s degree in the specific field or related to the field as a basic requirement. But preferred requirements do up the mark by mentioning Masters Degrees and work experience time. It is interesting to note that several job profiles in Disney require knowledge of specific softwares and a wealth of digital knowledge and comprehension. For example, the post of Creative Supervisor employed by Disney Character Voices Inc., expects candidates to be comfortable with the usage of stereo equipment and software such as Channel D. The jobs listed in the marketing and sales department have stricter requirements with basic experience being 2 years of senior marketing role in an entertainment industry.  Secretary positions require a 5 year experience working with Senior officials but expects a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent work experience to cover the lack of one. More lucrative positions like Senior Software Engineer and Senior Interaction Engineer expect five plus years of experience and in the entertainment industry.

According to research and pay scale comparisons conducted by PayScale, it is estimated that Disney employees are paid 11 % above the regular market pay. The pay scale varies with Office Assistants receiving around 15000 GBP, Accounts Assistants 17000 GBP and Software Engineers receiving anything between 22000 and 52000 GBP.

Apart from the brand name and lucrative pay what is more exciting about working at Disney is the locations. They have operations and offices in United Kingdom, Ireland, India, China, Hong Kong, Canada and United States. Their primary and firmest establishments are in the United States.

In addition to all the above attractions of a job with Disney, Disney employees are offered a Total Rewards Package which allows employees certain benefits according to their quality of work, length of service, community volunteerism and employee of month recognitions. The total rewards package includes free entry into Disney theme parks, a number of paid holidays in a year, health benefits, etc.,  

In addition to entry level positions for recent graduates, there are mentoring programs and internships in the above mentioned fields for students. Internships are usually concentrated in USA and can be short term or a semester long. Certain total rewards package perks such as theme park visits, health benefits, etc., do apply for interns too. Dan Slott, the writer of Amazing Spider Man was a product of the Disney Internship Program. Talking about her internship, Naurine, who interned in Finance with The Walt Disney Company says,

“So many great people, such innovative people want to be part of this company. I wanted to be in a company that so many people are so fond of.”

Walt, who works full time for ESPN (11 years), Bristol says,

“I love working at ESPN because of two things: the people and culture. I am fortunate to be surrounded by an incredibly smart and supportive group of people who take the time and effort to make those around them better.”

 All said, it is apt only to quote the banner of the Walt Disney website, ‘Imagine the stories you can be part of…’

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