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Career Opportunities for Freelance Writers Worldwide

Are you interested in making serious income from freelance writing? This is a rewarding industry, but you need to work hard in order to get noticed by the right clients. The first thing you need to do is to focus on a particular niche, work on your knowledge base, and constantly improve your writing skills.

You won’t have a bright future in the career of freelance writing if you are ready to accept any task. Focus on an industry relevant to your education, knowledge, experience, and interests. If you are passionate and curious about a particular niche, you will become an expert that anyone would be willing to hire for a premium rate.

If you have already selected a niche, then you can pick one of two options for making money as a writer online: contribute to blogs and websites with guest posts, or work for clients as a freelancer. If you decide to write posts for established blogs and websites, you can get quick payments and write on topics of your choice. The second option demands greater effort, since you’ll need to negotiate with different clients and meet their expectations each and every time. However, freelance writing can also turn out to be a very rewarding career.

Let’s start making your work easier by offering a list of acknowledged websites that enable you to make money online.

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1. Freelance Writing Services

Freelance writing platforms are gaining a large popularity nowadays. Besides free membership, they offer a number of benefits for writers you can rely on. Within a quick period of time, freelancers can gain a fair amount of money while enjoying a flexible work schedule and choosing the orders of their interest. If you like to always have a financial backup, take a look at the following websites where international employers post tasks for all the working fields.

  • FreelancerCareers offers great opportunities for writers who want to improve their skills and climb the career ladder. The platform makes it easy for freelancers to find writing jobs online and earn good money when they meet the clients’ requirements. The payments range from $7 to $31 per page.
  • iWriter is a service that provides freelancing opportunities to thousands of writers. If you become part of the team, you’ll get to choose the projects you want to work on, and you’ll get 81 percent of the full price the client pays. The lowest price advertised on the website is $1.25 per article, so you’ll have to work at full speed if you want to make serious money.
  • is a Filipino service that offers online writing assistance. You need at least a Bachelor’s degree (preferably an MA or PhD) to start writing for this website’s clients. In addition, you need to prove your knowledge in the niche you’ve graduated in, and pass an online grammar test that will showcase your writing skills.
  • Textbroker is an experienced writing agency that offers plenty of opportunities for beginners in the freelancing industry. The website works according to the principle of self-service, which means that the clients choose their own authors.
  • EssayWriters is another essay and article writing agency that enjoys a great reputation among freelance writers. Once you sign up, you’ll need to take a grammar test and complete your first assignment to get an approval notification. Then, you can start working on orders from the list that is constantly updated.
  • Demand Media Studios is another attractive company in the freelancing industry. Although it is a bit difficult to get into the team, you should definitely make an attempt if you are experienced in a particular niche and you own a degree. There are no registration fees, and you’ll get decent payments via PayPal.

2. Marketplaces for Freelancers

If you are looking for the simplest alternative that enables you to grow as a writer, then freelance marketplaces are the right direction for you. These platforms effectively connect thousands of clients with authors that complete different tasks. Most of the reputable websites of this type are incredibly competitive, so you’ll have to work hard in order to distinguish yourself as a writer who is worthy of a higher price. Most online writers make their first steps on some of these websites, but they start looking for new opportunities after some time. These are some of the most popular options you have:

  • Upwork (formerly known as Elance and oDesk) is a giant marketplace for freelancers nowadays. In order to register at Upwork, you need to create a résumé containing relevant experience in the field you want to work for. It is always good to also include some high quality samples. If you work on your portfolio, and gain high reputation and feedback from previous clients, your account would be top rated.
  • Freelancer works differently. Here, users must pay for a membership level – basic, silver or gold. The last one is the best because it allows freelancers to apply for as many tasks as they want. However, please take into consideration that every job accepted must be finished in good time.
  • iFreelance provides several types of writing jobs. Although you need to pay a monthly fee to be able to apply for jobs, you will be able to keep the money you make, without any additional commissions or transaction fees.

3. Content Sharing Platforms

This is possibly the best online opportunity for creative writers, allowing them to gain a decent income on a monthly basis. The major benefit of such platforms is a copyright option, as you are able to write for your own, without connecting to any client or third party. The only requirement for applying is the existing online reputation as a writer – you need to demonstrate your writing portfolio and wait quite a long time for your first article to be approved before you can become a regular contributor.

  • The Penny Hoarder is a blog that enables you to share your unique content, experiences, ideas, and views on how to invest, save, and earn money. The company pays $75 per post to each contributor, and you can also earn a bonus payment of up to $800. The website has over 2 million unique visitors on a monthly basis, so your content will be exposed to a great base of readers.
  • QualityText is an online content agency that accepts professional writers with different qualifications. The payment for U.S. writers is $4 per 100 words, while international writers receive $3 per 100 words. The website lacks transparency, so you’ll need a bit more effort to get the information you need.
  • HubPages is one of the most renowned revenue sharing websites for “evergreen” content. The featured categories include health, fashion and beauty, holidays and celebrations, education and science, books and literature, autos, and more. The earnings are provided through Google AdSense.
  • Examineris another great source of opportunities for freelance writers. You will receive payments according to the number of U.S. and Canadian visitors your articles get. If you choose your topics strategically and provide high-quality content on a regular basis, you’ll make good money every month.
  • Daily Two Cents is a blog-style website that offers payments of $0.005 per page view. There is another condition to get that payment: the visitor has to spend more than thirty seconds on your page.
  • Bubblews is a mixture of social media and blogging that provides payments to its contributors. You’ll get $0.01 per view and $0.01 per comment, and you can withdraw the earnings via PayPal when you reach the minimum of $50 in your account.
  • Xomba enables you to grow as a writer by interacting with the readers of your articles, as well as with fellow writers who are also part of the platform. Of course, you’ll also receive payments via Google AdSense. Make sure not to overuse keywords when you write content for this website; the community doesn’t appreciate that approach.
  • Hire Writers is another website that enables writers to make money. As a freelancer, you can become part of this community by writing or rewriting articles, Facebook fan page posts, eBooks, and poetry. The payments are not very high, but the workflow is constant.
  • BlogMutt offers blogging services for businesses willing to pay for content. As a freelance writer, you have an opportunity to make money by offering content in different niches. If your blog posts are approved, you will get payments and points which contribute towards a higher pay rate.

4. Earning as an Individual Blogger

If you don’t like working under someone else’s terms, then you’ll appreciate the opportunity to make money from blogging. The process of registration and becoming a regular guest post contributor is a bit more detailed when compared to the previous options. You’ll need to complete a form, contact the editor of the blog, negotiate the terms and payments, and wait for their approval. Earning money through blogging gives you great connections in the field while you network with experienced publishers, writers, and editors.

  • BloggingPro enables you to access an extensive list of businesses that are looking for talented bloggers.
  • ProBlogger offers a blogging job board that features tons of opportunities for you to showcase your talent and get paid for top quality content.
  • The Amazon Associates program is also worthy of a blogger’s attention. You can write reviews for your blogs and provide affiliate links to Amazon. If someone buys something after following your link, you will receive payment for it.

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As you can see, there are tons of opportunities for freelance writers to make money online. There is no acceptable excuse; start exploring the industry and you’ll benefit from your talent.

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