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Careers with the Armenian Police Service

The police force in Armenia offers an excellent career path for individuals who meet the necessary entry prerequisites and conditions. Operating under the government, the police service is categorized as a civil service profession, and thus provides good employment contracts, training opportunities, career progression and promotion tracks for employees.

There are several requirements that must be met in order to become a police officer in Armenia, some of which include:

  • Be a citizen of Armenia
  • Under 30 years of age
  • Complete compulsory military service (males)
  • Fluency in Armenian language
  • Be medically and physical able to do police officer duties
  • Have the necessary educational qualifications
  • Have no criminal record

Depending on the area of specialization within the Armenia police, there may be different requirements to satisfy. For example, certain police departments have a higher age limit to meet, and often times, specialist police departments require candidates to hold a variety of qualifications.

Individuals who qualify for police training will then attend the police academy where all candidates will perform a comprehensive training program. Upon successful completion of the training academy, graduates will take an oath as a police officer in accordance with the law.

Training is taken very seriously in Armenia, and police officers are subject to retraining periodically (usually every 5 years). Irrespective of whether the position held in the police force is a senior or junior post, retraining will be required for all police employees. All training is funded by state government costs and the government of Armenia stipulates the retaining procedures.

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