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CBB UK Starts to Take its Toll on The Celebs

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1. Mario Falcone
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The Only Way is Essex Photo - © Channel 5

You might think that going on the hit reality T.V show – Big Brother – will no doubt boost your profile in the eyes of the public, and you would be right. But, no-one said it would help boost your career for the better. In fact, the higher your celebrity status, the worse your career will suffer!

For those of you who don’t know what Celebrity Big Brother is… It is a staged-reality T.V show produced in the UK and involves a number of celebrities with big egos living in one house under constant watch. Live feeds document their every move and embarrassing tasks force the celebs out of their comfort zone – all for the enjoyment of the viewers.

Each year, Z-list “celebrities” (and I use that word lightly here!) are thrown into a house with successful, much loved and inspiring celebrities (whom only agree to do the show to kick-start their careers again). We expect to see the celebs, who are famous for their incredible talents, thrive in the over-exposed house and for the z-listers to be hated by the public (we all love a good pantomime with the good the bad and the ugly characters!). Instead, we see time and time again that the true celebs crumble under the pressure and actually exposure another, darker side to their personality, while the z-listers manage to create positive and profitable public profiles for themselves.

Season 12 of CBB 2013 includes housemates:

  • Ron Atkinson (former football manager) EVICTED
  • Sophie Anderton (model) EVICTED
  • Bruce Jones (British Actor) EVICTED
  • Dustin Diamond (American actor) EVICTED
  • Danielle Marr (Business entrepreneur) EVICTED
  • Mario Falcone (The Only Way is Essex)
  • Charlotte Crosby (Georgie Shore)
  • Courtney Stodden (Teen bride)
  • Carol McGriffin (TV show panelist)
  • Abz Love (Former member of boyband “Five”)
  • Vicky Entwistle (British Actress)
  • Louie Spence (Dancer to the stars)
  • Lauren Harries (Former child star and transgender)

The likes of America’s Courtney Stodden (famous of getting married to a much older Hollywood actor at the age of 16), Mario Falcone (famous for being a serial love-cheat on TOWIE) and Charlotte Crosby (famous for … getting drunk and pi**ing the bed) have managed to build a huge fan base with the British public.

Iconic soap stars Vicky Entwistle and Bruce Jones have left a sour taste in the public’s mouth with their bitter attitudes, cutting comments and moody behavior while American acting star Dustin Diamond (who played screech in Saved by the Bell) shocked viewers with his obsessive and negative behaviors.

If you want to boost your profile as a celebrity, Big Brother is not the way to go. If you want to create a profile for yourself however, Big Brother can do wonders for you!

Tensions are fraught in the house from the explosive argument between Vicky Entwistle and Geordie Shore’s Charlotte, which left Vicky stating that if Charlotte wins the show, she will quit TV for good!

Courtney, Carol, Vicky, Louie and Mario were all for eviction this week, with Courtney and Louie being evicted from the house last night!

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