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Celebrities’ Investments Generating Jobs

will farrell

With all the money celebrities make it is unsurprising that many choose to invest their wealth in entrepreneurial activities. We know they think nothing of buying extravagant mansions, amazing cars and private jets, but many are successful business people in their own right – establishing companies, which in turn creates much needed jobs! Let’s take a closer look at jobs you could apply for that you see you working under the wings of the rich and famous… 

Will Farrell

John William Ferrell (born July 16, 1967) is best known for his leading roles in hit comedy films. He is now a key member of the comedy video site FunnyOrDie.com.  The new company often looks to recruit for various available jobs working for the company such as the recently advertised position of Rail Engineer needed to support the new iPhone and Android software applications.    For more information on what is available and where to apply see the site Funny or Die where the vacancies pages are often updated.

Jessica Alba

The American television and film actress Jessica Marie Alba (born April 28, 1981), since finding stardom has found her feet as the acting co-founder of The Honest Company. The business produces safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly creams and goods parents to use with their baby’s promising to be safe and friendly alternative to knowing exactly what’s on the label. The company offers jobs in commonly found departments from legal, to product design and marketing. The most recent openings can be found on the relevant LinkedIn pages.

Justin Timberlake

The pop artist and singer Justin Randall Timberlake (born January 31, 1981) bought Myspace in 2011 and the site is now geared to music sharing offering 53 million tracks and videos. The company offers various roles such as a director in Business & Legal Affairs. Should you wish to work for Justin, the headquarters are based in Beverly Hills. Justin’s recent positions can also be found on the relevant LinkedIn pages. 

Ellen DeGeneres

America’s television host Ellen Lee DeGeneres (born January 26, 1958) is renowned for her standup comedy career and roles in various talk shows, films, talent programs and television series. Ellen provides an internship which has been described as “vague”. The application page literally asks you for common personal information and a column to write 1500 words about yourself. Details on where to apply for the internship program can be found here.

Victoria Beckham

The British singer and model Victoria Caroline Beckham (born 17 April 1974) has launched a series of products as a fashion designer. The label produces women’s fashion ranges from perfume, sunglasses, jewelry and handbags which also claim to recruit a wide variety of skilled applicants. Applicants interested to learn more regarding the opportunities are urged to send a cover note and resume to careers@victoriabeckham.com.

Despite already having more disposable income than most people dream of, these famous faces from the TV, film and music industries all carry with them strong entrepreneurial traits.

Who do you think has the best business head from the celebs mentioned in this article?

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