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China Civil Servant Careers

The civil service of China is defined as the ‘administrative system’ of the government, which is tasked with managing the daily affairs of the country. Essential, the varying levels within the civil service have a different set of responsibilities, but they all work in cooperation with each other to ensure the smooth running of public sector.

Careers within the civil service are widely regarded as one of the best career paths in China. Recruitment and selection for civil servant positions is therefore highly competitive and includes the passing of a tough examination (the national civil service exam).

According to 2009 figures, China’s government employs around 10 million civil servants. Civil servants can work in a broad range of areas, from government departments, to healthcare organizations and charities. All civil servants are managed and employed in line with the regulations of the Civil Service Law.

There are 27 employee ranks within the civil service, of which there are varying levels of positions. They rank categories are as follows:

  • State-Leader Level

  • Vice-State-Leader Level

  • Ministerial (Provincial) Level

  • Vice-Ministerial (Provincial) Level

  • Bureau-Director Level

  • Deputy-Bureau-Director Level

  • Division- Head Level

  • Deputy- Division- Head Level

  • Section-Head Level

  • Deputy- Section-Head Level

  • Section member

  • Office worker

China’s civil service as an employer is highly regarded in China. Civil service jobs are considered to provide the highest level of job satisfaction, working conditions and employee benefits. There is also a great social significance in the community for those holding positions in the civil service, which is another factor that entices graduates to apply for jobs as civil servants.

Civil servants benefit from excellent training opportunities and career development tracks, and combined with the high levels of job security, working for the Chinese government remains one of the most competitive careers in China.  

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