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Chocolate Digestive Came Out Top Biscuit in Britain

What do you like to treat yourself with while drinking your cup of tea? A Biscuit? Maybe a digestive?

The Daily Mail reported yesterday, that the well-known digestive biscuit has been voted as the top biscuit in Britain with 23% of the vote.

The British are famous for their tea time. They love to enjoy their cup of tea with a biscuit and now we know which biscuit - the traditional digestive.

The chocolate covered  biscuit came out on top after 480 people were asked about their favorite treat to eat while drinking a cup of tea. The choc-free digestive came in second place, followed by the chocolate chip cookies, bourbons and custard creams.

The reason why 23% of the voters chose digestive as their favorite biscuit is that the combination of thick chocolate and biscuit was irresistible, specially with a hot cup of tea to drunk it in!

One respondent explained  how nothing beats a chocolate digestive dunked in a cup of tea or coffee. "The melted chocolate is just delicious and then the tasty biscuit – I could easily eat a whole packet in one sitting."

A spokesman for, who commissioned the research, affirmed: 'It’s fair to say us Brits love our biccies, and why not! We all need a tasty treat every now and again and a cup of tea really wouldn’t be the same without a biscuit to dunk in it.

Everybody deserves a chocolately treat every once in a while, the need for "tea and a biscuit" is prominent in the workplace. Stressed at work? Brew a cup of tea and grab your favourite biscuits to dunk! Whether you are having a good or bad day at work, you can always find an excuse to have tea and biccies! 

Do you agree with the Brits? Is the Digestive your favorite biscuit?

Source: DENI KIRKOVA "Chocolate digestive voted top biscuit in Britain - with plain voted second best (ahead of bourbons and custard creams!) Mail Online 9. Sept.2013

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