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How to Choose the Right Job Site to Advertise Vacancies

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When advertising a vacancy, it’s crucial that you pick the right site. If you’re choosing poorly run sites, you may not fill your position. You want to advertise to the greatest amount of people, finding people that are qualified.

There are so many sites claiming to be the top site, so you need to sort through them effectively. The following tips will help you choose the right site.

1. Choose a Free to Search Site

When choosing a site, make sure that the site does not charge candidates to search for jobs. Very few people are going to pay for a job-board, so you want to keep your options open. The most popular sites do not charge candidates to look at postings. There is no evidence that premium pay job search sites create advantages for the employer.

2. Jobs By Email Service

When choosing a site, look for ’jobs by email.’ The most popular job boards will have this option, ensuring the most people have access to your posting. Candidates are kept up-to-date regarding new job posts. The is great for both the possible candidates as well as the employer.

3. Consider Account Management

If you have the funds available, paying a bit extra for an account manager can be highly beneficial. Although the option to post yourself is a possibility, not everyone would like to take this route. Online recruitment requires SEO, choosing keywords, and much more. Many like having an account manager available to them in terms of advice and assistance. This will make your advertising the most successful. Even if you do not want this option, a site that offers this is generally considered a good site.

4. Look at the Site Traffic

It is a good idea to look into the job seekers that will be passing through the site. The reason you’re posting a vacancy is to find the right fit. Most job sites will give you an idea of who is visiting their site. Site traffic is broken down into visitors, unique users, and registered users. When it all boils down, you want to find people that are looking for your type of job posting. Get in touch with the site to get specifics on their users.

5. Compare Other Postings

Look at other job vacancies available to see if any match your industry. If there are no jobs like yours, then you probably will not get the candidates you’re looking for. Simply do a search to see what other jobs are available and if they match your job description. You want to see that there are other real employer jobs instead of just recruitment agencies. If there are other employer jobs, this means that the site is quite reliable. They have built a name for themselves, building trust with other employers.

6. Candidate Screening

It can be frustrating to have an overload of applicants, especially when the applicants are unsuitable for the position. Many sites now offer a pre-screening option. That way, requirements are matched to the applicants. This tool will reduce the amount of unqualified applicants, making the hiring process much easier. This tool is worth looking into. Once again, most well run sites will provide this option.

7. Consider the Cost

Shop around, comparing various sites. If the site you’re looking at is more than others, why is that? Look at the benefits that it offers, is it worth it? Certain niche sites can be worth the extra cost, but make sure that you will have the proper audience. Free job boards are generally less value in the long run. They are generally trying to break into the market, new, or dying out. When job boards are free, they offer less appeal for candidates, affecting the type and amount of people applying.

8. CV Database

It is highly beneficial if the site allows you to search through a CV database. This way, you can look for the perfect candidate. Before you choose this option, look into how many CVs are actually in the database. If there aren’t many CVs, it may not be worth it.

Most Popular Sites to Post Job Vacancies

The following are some highly popular and reliable sites:

  1. Indeed: Over 1 billion job searchers worldwide use this site per month
  2. Monster and CareerBuilder: Both of these sites have been running since the mid-nineties, growing and continually developing. They both maintain and manage over 1 million posts. Monster also has 40 million CVs available.
  3. LinkedIn: This is an extremely large professional networking site. When you post a job, you can search through a potential 150 possible candidates.
  4. Facebook and Twitter: It’s also a great idea to continually take advantage of social media sites. This allows you to reach out to a large number of people within a short period of time. 

Take the time to check out various sites. Finding the right person for the job is possible, but you need to advertise effectively. Choose a well trusted site that makes searching easy for candidates. If you choose the right site(s), you will have the perfect applicant in no time. 


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