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Christmas Kindness in the Workplace

I’m a pretty cynical guy with a waning faith in humanity. Inevitably though even I, Mr. Dark-pants McCoy notice a little change in how people act around the time when every available precipice is hung with little blinking lights. You really can’t avoid being swept up in a holiday that’s dedicated to joy, giving and an old obese man in a red suit. Here are some really touching, heart-warming Christmas (and not) stories that happened in the workplace.

Jenny Karpen The Minimum Wage Miracle

Jenny Karpen was working the cash register in a Rotterdam, N.Y. Walmart, when an elderly man came up to pay. She scanned the gentleman’s groceries, that where primarily food items for him and his pet, but unfortunately he didn’t have enough money and started putting items back. Springing into action like a spritely Mother Teresa Jenny stopped him and paid for the difference. She was even offered money by a following customer but denied it even if it was because of company policy. How dare you insinuate that my voice cracked, I just had a little bit of an itch in my throat, damn it now I have something in my eye.

If anything needs to be promoted its kindness

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Gary and Roxann Tackett The Car People

The Tacketts had noticed an old beat-up car in the parking lot of their favorite restaurant. They asked around a little bit and found out who it belonged to. A few weeks before Christmas they visited the restaurant again but with a shiny silver Ford Focus for the waitress that owned the beat up car. Their only motivation according to interview with Mr. Tackett was that they wanted to help since they could. No, I am not crying it’s my eyes sweating from all the writing and reading I’m doing.

Ryan Tricks Makes donations Trick-le in

Ryan Tricks is a London-based street magician that wanted to bring attention to the plight of homeless people especially around the Christmas season. He approaches a homeless couple and using the change they had gathered in their hat he ‘turns’ it into multiple paper bills. Flabbergasted and elated they thank the magician for his donation.

Officer Mr. Nice Guy

Officer Ben Hall of Emmett Township Michigan was called to investigate a report of an unsecured child in a motor vehicle. When he pulled over the mother and five year old child, the mother informed Officer Hall that she was fully aware of the law requiring children under the age of 7 to be secured in ‘booster’ seat. Unfortunately, the mother’s car was repossessed with the child car seat in it and she couldn’t afford another. Instead of ticketing this unfortunate person, Officer Nice Guy drove to the local Walmart and bought the destitute mother and child a car seat. He’s quoted as saying: “It was the easiest 50 dollars I have ever spent.”

Reporting from the scene of a disappearance that I solved

Cameron Polom was a local TV reporter. I say was not because he lost his job but because another title should be added to it. Mr. Polom is also an inadvertent rescuer. Earlier that day he reported on the disappearance of a child, and it was later that day when he was walking the area that he noticed a little child in the bush. He helped the child out of the bush and to his surprise realized that this was indeed the missing child. After the child was returned to his guardians, Mr. Polom reported on the story as Journalist and Rescuer.

Well I feel quite warm and gooey inside, I kind of have the impulse to commit an act of kindness. I’ll start by brewing some fresh coffee for everyone.

Have you witnessed or perhaps even done something kind while at work? Let me know in the comment section below.

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