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Christmas Present Ideas for Office Workers

Christmas Present Ideas for Office Workers

It’s another Christmas and the festive merriment is again marred with the frustration of what to get for your loved ones. Office workers can be stuck in their ways due to the routine of the job, however, whether you’re buying or receiving, there is always that one present that can provide a new spark.

Some people are too old for Christmas lists. This leaves them with two options come the festive season. They can either take the not-so-subtle approach, in which they uncharacteristically comment on products in the hope somebody is listening and buys it for them, or they sit back, do nothing, and simply wait and see what their struggling loved ones managed to randomly select for them.

There is always something that a person needs, whether they know it or not. Most presents are aimed towards the leisure interests of the recipient. If this results in nothing but loose ends for the buyer, think about their career prospects. How could their time at work be improved? It’s often something they won’t think about themselves, however, Christmas is the chance to help them improve their productivity and career prospects in the workplace.

Here is a list of present ideas that can go a long way towards promotion and being noticed.

 Alarm Clock 

First thing’s first - getting up in the morning. Punctuality is key in any job and in order to achieve this, having a good morning is vital. Why not splash out on an alarm clock that guarantees an early rise. This clock from will ensure just that. It runs away from the bed at any given time and the sleeper must get up and chase it down in order to turn it off. Getting out of the bed is half the battle and this present certainly supplies some of the ammunition.

Smarter Attire

Co-workers are probably tired of seeing those same worn out clothes over and over  again. It’s time for a make over and to show up to work at New Year looking sharp and professional. Not only will the worker feel rejuvenated and have a renewed sense of self in a new set of clothes, management and co-workers will notice the new change and begin to take them with a lot more seriousness. Next offer a broad selection in formal officewear and have outlets in both the UK and USA.


The person with all the fancy stationary attracts all the right people. Be the go-to co-worker when it comes to lending someone a pen or a hole punch and suddenly become noticed. Being prepared in work displays organizational skills and a sense of professionalism. Stationary is available from a variety of shops, but Staples seem to have the market covered and can act as one-stop shop.

USB Stick

Perfect if the workload is too much or you just want to get it out of the way! A USB stick is a plug-and-play device that can store data and files. Vitally important for any creatives or office workers, this can easily allow you to stay on top of things by taking your work home with you at the end of the night. Available in a variety of sizes and styles at Amazon.


A desk organizer allows a worker to be, well, organized! Time management is key when working fixed hours, therefore an organizer can allow an employee to structure their day by pencilling in a meeting and making sure that each activity has been given the appropriate allotted time. Nothing will ever be forgotten from now on. There are a wide range of bespoke organizers available at Boardroombespoke.

Going into the New Year with a spring in your step might be just what you need to bring life back into your job. Christmas doesn’t have to be all socks and bottles of booze. Exploit the generosity that the season brings and boost your career with a few helpful items - all with a little help from Santa Claus, of course.

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