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Civil Service in Venezuela



The Constitution of Venezuela establishes the boundaries, rules, and guidelines for the civil service in the country. The Constitution and the 2001 National Organic Laws on Public Administration and on Civil Service set standards for all matters relating to performance, suspension, advancement, and retirement. It is therefore important for applicants seeking a career with the civil service in Venezuela, to become familiar with the relevant legislations that affect their area of work.


Career/HR personnel within the relevant governmental departments are responsible for filling civil service positions that become available. The career personnel are not responsible for filling positions that involve election by vote however.

Essentially, civil servants are recruited based on a competitive recruitment structure whereby individuals are not discriminated against because of gender or any other form of discrimination. Additionally, the recruitment of civil servants is based on honesty, transparency, and efficiency.


The Central Personnel Office determines salary increments, salary supplements, and bonuses. Typically, each ministry within the government receives a pre-agreed monetary sum to be used for annual bonuses, base salaries, and supplements. However, the amount given to civil servants is still dependent on work performance and seniority within the department.

Promotion and training

Civil servants in Venezuela gain promotion in the workplace based a merit system, whereby promotion is given as a reward for work done. Work performance is the guideline for almost all matters relating to promotion, training, suspension, transfer, and removal. It is therefore imperative that civil servants maintain a high standard of work.

It is the right of civil servants to gain training and career advancement provided they have the capabilities, skills and competence to perform their duties. Labour rights in Venezuela also provide that civil servants shall receive access to ongoing training to ensure they continually work to improve their skills and capabilities.

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