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Civilian Police in Serbia


Joining the civilian police in Serbia is based on a competitive and non-discriminative structure, whereby individuals who meet the necessary entry conditions will qualify for a position with the police academy training school. The typical training for new police recruits involve:

-          4 year course with the police high school in Sremska Kamenica, or

-          3 year course with the police college in Zemun

Basic police training consists of a 6 month course for men and a 4 month course for female recruits. Once training and education courses are successfully passes, recruits will gain a position with the civilian police in Serbia.

The Civilian Police work in cooperation with the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). The OSCE recruits for a broad range of vacancies in its primary fields of operation, of which citizens of the 56 participating states are usually eligible to apply, depending on the vacancy.

With regards to the civilian police force in Serbia, the main requirements include:

-          Be a citizen of Serbia

-          Graduate from a recognized police training school

-          Possess excellent English communication skills

-          Have the ability to negotiate

-          Excellent interpersonal skills

-          Ability to read maps

-          Knowledge of International Police Standards and human rights

-          Ability to perform first aid

The work of the civilian police, which falls under the scope of the OSCE, involves:

-          Assessing and monitoring local police forces to ensure law and order is maintained

-          Ensuring human rights and fundamental freedoms are protected

-          Selection and training of local police candidates

There are various levels of professional competence, which individuals who qualify for a position with the police can strive to attain. Some of these careers levels include:

-          Senior management: requires a minimum of 20 years of police experience and 3 years experience at management level.

-          Senior professional: requires a minimum of 10 years police experience with a minimum of 12 months operational experience.

-          Middle management: minimum of 10 years diversified police experience with at least one year at management level.

-          Professional: minimum of 8 years active police service.

There is a broad range of career paths within the police force, which do not entail becoming a police officer. Careers such as police affairs officer, administration and support, research, translation etc. offer excellent career prospects to eligible candidates. 

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