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Class of 2013: Mistakes You Are Making on Facebook

If only graduates had a means to connect with companies on a more personal level, then they could showcase themselves better and get a job within their company of choice. If only. Wait a minute - this “if only” statement has been made plausible in the past 5-6 years. How? Your knight in shining armour/sleeping princess is none other than Facebook!

This social network has made virtually anything possible for millions of people across the globe. You can now network with whoever you please from the comfort of your home - you don’t even have to step outside to make friends anymore.

And yet, even with all these technological advancements, young graduates fail to make the most of what is available to them. Facebook is a free social network - so why is no one taking advantage of it? Here are 5 mistakes you are making on Facebook that are making you less appealing to companies:

Uncensored Profile

Yes, we all know what a fine and dandy time students tend to have at university - but is it really necessary to give everyone access to your explicit photo albums on Facebook? Indeed it isn’t. Many graduates forget to filter their profile, or think that it the precaution is unnecessary, which is the ultimate mistake. Make sure you go through your album privacy settings and make your profile as professional looking as possible.

Spelling Mistakes

‘F u type lyk dis on fb den itz time to STOP! There is nothing worse than reviewing an impressive resume of a graduate and then looking at their Facebook profile to see this. Seeing spelling like this is an expressway entry into the ‘reject’ pile, so make sure you aren’t doing anything to harm your chances of getting an interview by posting proper sentences on Facebook.

Incomplete Profile

Although LinkedIn is considered to be the ultimate platform for professionals, Facebook is the ultimate social network since it has 3x the people. So chances are, the recruiter will find you there first. You don’t want them to arrive on a page where the information hasn’t been updates since you were 16. Add your internships, placements and any other jobs that you had while at university. Update your profile with the latest on your qualifications and experience to make the most of your Facebook page! 

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