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How to Combine Visual Storytelling and Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the leading strategies when it comes to building brand awareness. No matter what your brand is content marketing has the potential to boost your online business by making your brand relevant and relatable to online audiences. Nowadays, everyone is getting in on the act from business owners to bloggers because when it comes to content everyone can leverage the online reach that well-written content can provide.

Trends in content marketing are forever evolving and providing the type of innovation for brands and businesses to focus their online content marketing efforts. These trends should be of interest to anyone who is looking to boost or kick start their online marketing content and there is one trend that is starting to gain some serious momentum – visual storytelling.

We all know that enriched online content is the way to go when it comes to online content marketing, but what are the tips and tricks to visual engagement and visually enriched content? NewsCred and Getty Images have collaborated to publish The Power Of Visual Storytelling which really nails online content and visual engagement. This informative whitepaper identifies four key elements of visual storytelling which really flips the script on traditional content methods. These elements are as follows:

  • Relevancy.
  • Sensory.
  • Archetype.
  • Authenticity.

Keep It Original

First and foremost, this whitepaper really pushes the idea of organic content, but it places much more emphasis on it in regards to how to visually use content to captivate online audiences. According to this whitepaper, content that includes images are 94% more likely to be viewed by online audiences. This whitepaper also suggests that:

In the age of the selfie, people want something that speaks to them personally. Images that come off as constructed, airbrushed, or posed no longer resonate. People want the unpredictable, but familiar at the same time. They want real candid moments from everyday life. Moments that speak to the human experience.

Narrative Archetypes

All images have the power to tell a story and with 83% of individuals learning from being visually stimulated, it’s a good idea to incorporate images into online content. Connecting with audiences using images that contain people which are capable of capturing contemporary lifestyles, cultures and attitudes is the key to making your content stand out.

Appeal to the Senses

Capturing an audience visually really depends upon your business or brand. 40% of audiences are more responsive to visual stimulus than text which this report states, however, how you go about achieving this kind of visual allure should directly align with your brand or business and what you want the images to represent.

Remain Relevant

Businesses / brands should always be aware that customer engagement should never be something that is taken for granted. At least 44% of customers prefer businesses that post images in an attempt to market their brand online. This demonstrates that it truly does come down to carefully selected images. Real-time imagery that reflects current events is also something that can draw audiences in, and despite this being one of the trickiest online tactics, it can contribute towards a more well-rounded content marketing campaign.

With so many theories on content marketing floating around there are a few like visual storytelling that manage to truly grasp the raw concept of it. Content marketing is extremely versatile and visual storytelling is just another example of how the perfect image can contribute towards making your online marketing campaign stand out and yield the results you need for your brand or business.


Image: istock

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