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Considering a move to Brazil for Employment

Brazil sparks connotations of fun, sun, sea and sand but there is much more to Brazil than meets the eye. As one of the four BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), Brazil has a growing economy that is regarded as the world’s sixth largest. In the past decade the country has gained worldwide recognition as a powerful and fast growing nation and it is therefore no surprise that more and more people are considering a move there for employment purposes. 

Before considering a move to Brazil there are a wide range of factors that you will need to bear in mind, including:

The Political Situation

Brazil is a popular location of choice amongst many due to the reliable political circumstances it offers. It has a stable democratic system that offers excellent opportunities for upward mobility.

However when moving to Brazil it is important to bear in mind the levels of safety you will be exposed to whilst there. Brazil is a notoriously dangerous country brimming with crime, therefore being aware of the dangers that this country poses is absolutely fundamental.

Keep your wits about you at all times and never venture into unknown territory alone. Remain vigilant about who you are with and where you are going and do not accept a lift from a stranger. Beware of thieves, muggers and robbers, and remember that corruption is one of the biggest issues the country faces.

The People

Brazilian people are regarded as friendly, talkative and sociable. They work hard and play harder, and enjoy dance, song, music and partying.

The Climate

Brazil’s climate varies considerably from the north to the south, and the country has 6 climate regions: tropical rainforest, tropical wet and dry, tropical monsoon, hot semiarid, humid subtropical and subtropical highland. The country is frequently exposed to bouts of frost, particularly between June and September, while most of Brazil has moderate rainfall across the year.  


The country’s strong economic growth remains a magnet for both foreign investment and skilled international workers. For expats looking to relocate, certain industries, including production, oil and manufacturing, offer exceptional employment opportunities. 

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