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How to Contact Employers on LinkedIn


LinkedIn wins the professional networking platform competition hands down. With an estimated 200 million users across the globe, the social network is favored by recruiters as well as job seekers who want to connect on a professional level. As a one-of-a-kind social media portal, LinkedIn enables industry specialists, university alumni and companies to engage with each other and have a connection in a social backdrop.

One of the primary benefits that LinkedIn offers job seekers is the ability to network with potential employers. Here are 4 ways you can interact with them through this platform:

#1 Take the Leap

Contacting an employer on LinkedIn has a lot of connotations – does the employer have a vacancy? Are they open to candidates? Do they encourage interaction? Instead of dwelling over these questions, just take the leap by sending them an introductory message.

This not only demonstrates that you are a confident and engaging candidate, but it also shows how you take charge of your career and go after what you want. Make sure you are professional and observe proper etiquette, instead of the laid back approach that is normally associated with social networking.

#2 Be Confident

While interacting with an employer through LinkedIn can be intimidating, it is important that you come across as a confident and capable candidate. It is important that you have a purpose for the conversation, rather than straight out asking for a job. Your main goal is to establish you strengths in a manner that is not too obvious.

The introductory message should be simple and to the point. Show your interest in the company and industry through some reference to news or developments. This will catch the attention of the employer and make them consider you as a valuable candidate.

#3 Present an Updated Profile

Now that you have made the decision to contact the employer, you should make the effort to update your LinkedIn profile. This includes adding a summary and completing all the sections of the profile area. When you message the employer, they are likely to visit your profile and check your credentials to determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate.

LinkedIn allows you to add your website, publications and various other pieces of information within your profile section. Furthermore, you should try to get endorsements in your area of expertise to further enhance your employability to potential recruiters. 

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