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WEB & TECH / OCT. 27, 2014
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How to Cope With IT Glitches When Working From Home

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When you work from home, you hold every position that a conventional office would have: administration, technical support, accounting and management. You are the Jack of all trades, even if you’re not specifically trained to fulfill those functions. 

Unfortunately, an event may come about where the technology is faltering and it has become impossible to complete the tasks at hand. This is where you have three options to consider: become frustrated, attempt to remedy the technical matters on your own or with help or adapt to the situation and think of a feasible solution. The latter two are the best routes to take. 

The quintessential question is: what happens when IT glitches transpire? Well, there are a number of ways to cope should any incident take place. The most important one of all is to remain calm and don’t start panicking. 

With that being said, here are five ways to cope with IT glitches as you work from home: 

1. Examination 

Before you begin to throw the computer and mobile devices out the window, take a few moments to examine the equipment: ensure all of the wires are connected properly, find out if there is a problem on your end (I.E. Internet connection) and restart all of your electronics. If any of the aforementioned do not work then follow the next step... 

2. IT support 

If you work directly for a company then telephone the IT department at the office and inform the staff the problems you are having. If you’re self-employed or a freelancer then there are a few options you can use: 

  • Call computer repair companies in your area, such as Geek Squad. 
  • Bring your devices to an electronics store near you, like Best Buy. 
  • Use another person’s computer and Internet and perform research on possible problems and solutions. 

3. Choose Another location 

Let’s face it: we’re all on strict deadlines most of the time. If you have an assignment due in a few hours, and it would be extremely difficult to remedy the computer issues, then head to a nearby Internet café, the local library or a friend or neighbour’s computer to get some of the work completed on time. This also offers a bonus because it shows management or clients you’re dedicated to your work.

4. Contact 

Some clients can be demanding, while others are sympathetic. If your client or supervisor is the latter then inquire to see if you can hand in the day’s workload the following day because of the technical difficulties. It’s best to be honest and transparent with what’s happening with your equipment rather than being clandestine and trying to get it solved and work done at the 11th hour. 

5. Paper and pen 

 In today’s neoteric workspace, it isn’t quite common to use paper and pens to complete your work. However, should the occasion arise where you are unable to use Microsoft Office then think about using simply a pen and paper. If you remember the work you have to perform or where you left off then turn to these somewhat antiquated instruments. Once the computer problems are solved you can insert the work into the computer. 

The personal computer, smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming quite elementary to use. Of course, there will always be problems with any computer or technology, and these can happen at the most inopportune times. When you freelance, for example, you can’t have a sick day. When you work remotely, your computer can’t have a sick day either.

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