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CVS / MAY. 28, 2014
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Could the Font of Your CV Be Holding You Back? [Infographic]

Is your resume getting binned on the regular? Can’t understand why recruiters don’t seem to pay any attention to your application when you’re sure the content is perfect? Well, research shows it may be down to something so simple as the font used on your CV!

Font, format, and size play a huge role in keeping the attention of the reader when it comes to CVs. Studies have said that an employer looks at a CV for a measly 6.5 seconds before making an initial assessment. If you are an entry level professional with a 2 page CV – you’re doing it wrong. If you are using Comic Sans – you’re doing it wrong. Do I even have to get into the blunder of scented paper?

To write a well formatted, tidy, eye catching CV; Check out the ResumeTemplates 101 infographic above.


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