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Could You Become a Career Blogger?

Inspirational news stories and movies about bloggers who used their words to create careers make blogging as a job look pretty easy. And if they can do it, then why not you? Could you become a career blogger, too?

The Hard Truth

Yes, some people do make money blogging. Some of those bloggers make a lot of money. In the past 15 years, blogs have morphed from a time-wasting trend into a lucrative career opportunity - for a few.

A very few. Nielsen research shows that there were 181 million blogs in 2011, and that’s a whole lot of competition for your one blog. Forbes estimates there are 20 million bloggers in the United States; about 1.7 million of them get paid to blog. That means around 2 percent of bloggers make a living doing it, so the odds definitely aren’t in your favor if becoming a career blogger is top of your list.

However, it is possible to parlay a successful blog into a high-paying career. Some popular bloggers have been offered book deals, blogging consultant jobs and journalism opportunities to swell their bank balances. Becoming a career blogger is a slow, steady climb and it’s a lot of hard work. But if you know how to work toward your goal the right way, you could reach the top of that summit.

The Secrets of Blogging Success

So with all those other blogs out there, how do you get lots of readers to flock to yours? Master a few of the secrets of blogging success.

  • Valuable content: Any type of blog can rise to popularity and become a source of income. It doesn’t matter what you write about, but you have to write something that gives the readers value. Teach them something, amuse them, inspire them - give them something valuable, and you’ll start to get those money-making readers on your pages.
  • Marketing: People have to know your blog exists or they can’t visit it. Start driving more traffic to your blog by visiting blogs that offer content similar to your own. Comment on these other blogs, and comment a lot. Add your URL and perhaps social media information to your comments, and in this way start spreading the word about your own blogging efforts.
  • Ads: Monetize your blog or all the effort is for nothing. Don’t wait for the big advertisers and opportunities to come to you. Use programs like Google AdSense to include ads on your blog and start earning for all those writing efforts.

Being a Career Blogger

Blogs offer readers short, easy-to-read pieces of content on subjects that interest them. The most popular blogs have lots of content to offer, and pages that are updated with new stuff every day. If you’re going to blog, you have to post frequently with fresh content to keep those readers coming back. Offer up new pieces of content several times a day to get repeat traffic and new visitors, and drive up your numbers. The more traffic you get, the more money you’ll earn.

Being a career blogger is a lot more work than people think. You must write frequently and you must write well, a task that can be mentally and emotionally draining. It’s also important for popular bloggers to stay active on social media and remain interactive with their fans. Respond to comments, give readers opportunities to reach out to you and answer them when they do. Successful bloggers are online personalities, so cultivate yours to make your blog an even bigger success.


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