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Could Your Smile Get You Hired

Smiling is a universally recognized sign of happiness. It transcends all geographical, cultural and gender barriers. A smile makes you appear authentic and can disarm even people you are meeting for the first time. It offers a strong foundation for trust between different people. Just like smiling can help you win friends, it can also come in handy during job interviews. Going through an interview with a smile can help you stand out from the competition and enhance your chances of success. Whether you are taking part in a face-to-face interview, salary negotiations or phone interview, smiling can have a positive impact on the results.

Here are some of the reasons why you should smile during your interview:

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Phone interview

As incredulous as it may sound, smiling when taking a telephone interview can make the difference between getting and losing a job. By nature, people associate a low pitched voice with danger and a high voice with safety. Smiling causes your vocal cord muscles to constrict, thus resulting in a higher pitched voice. When talking on the phone, the interviewer may not see you but they can ‘hear’ you smile. When they hear your voice, they are likely to perceive you as friendly. Therefore, during telephone interviews, make an effort to smile all the way through. This will significantly enhance your chances of success.    

In-person interviews

It is obvious that interviewers are looking for people who have the necessary qualifications and experience for the job at hand. However, in most cases, they are also looking for an individual who can connect well with the rest of the team. Therefore, while presenting your credentials at an interview, don’t be too serious. A sincere smile might just be what will set you apart from other candidates. Maintain a positive attitude and don’t be afraid of laughing along with the interviewer. This will make you appear more charming and will enhance your chances of being called for a second interview.

Video interviews

With today’s advancing technology, some interviewers choose to carry out video interviews via platforms such as Skype. This allows the interviewer to save on the time that would have been spent carrying out a face-to-face interview. In addition, some media jobs might require you to submit a video demo or take a screen test. For such interviews, smiling is even more important for your success. No one wants to employ a TV presenter or reporter who has a sour look.   

Salary negotiations

When it comes to salary negotiations, the ability to maintain your composure is very important. When you are in control and are confident about what you want, the other party is likely to give in. Smiling will make you appear unthreatening and sure of yourself during negotiations. It will, therefore, enhance your chances of getting the salary you desire.

Though smiling can significantly enhance your chances of getting a job, it needs to be genuine. An interviewer can easily spot an insincere smile, and this can end up working against you. Let your smile be a manifestation of the positive thoughts and attitudes within you.

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Have you ever smiled your way to career success? Your thoughts and comments below please... 

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