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Crazy Kickstarter Campaigns (that actually got funded)


For the uninitiated, Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website. You basically upload a video of your idea that needs funding, you set a funding goal, and if people like it they’ll make small donations. This has helped entrepreneurs, artist, filmmakers and inventors finance their brain children (can I even say that? That sounds weird. Maybe brain babies is better?). A few notable start-ups have been birthed through the Kickstarter canal: The Pebble E-paper watch ($10 Mil.), Ouiya Android Game Console ($8.5 Mil.) and the controversial but exciting Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset ($2.4 mil.). All these inventions have been very exciting but some of the successfully funded projects have been a bit more off-beat and strange.

Potato Salad - $37.779

Yes, a gentleman by the name of Zach Brown initially asked for just $10 to make potato salad. For everyone that donated $1 he would mention their names during the production of said potato salad. That’s it; he literally wanted $10 to make a potato salad. He wasn’t going to come up with a new recipe, he wasn’t going to feed thousands of people with a monstrously huge potato salad, nope he was just going to make a potato salad and say the backers’ name while making it.

 A Giant Lionel Richie Head – £4.900

Art takes many forms, and its aesthetic value is definitely subjective. Sometimes even the most academic art person will say: ‘Ok look I understand the value of a Urinal on a stool, but this is a bit much.” Well lucky for Barcelona based art collective Hungry Castle, the people that funded their Giant Lionel Ritchie Head, didn’t think so. As the funds increased so did the size of the head eventually becoming large enough to fit a person in. There is even a telephone in the center that if you pick it up it says: “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” - the lyrics from a Lionel Ritchie song if you were born after 1987.

Emoji Dick - $3.676

Relax, this has nothing to do with the male anatomy. It is actually a Japanese Emoji version of the classic novel Moby Dick. A man by the name of Fred Benenson had a dream to make one of the most widely mocked titles in the history of literature and translate the whole thing into emojis. The project had 83 backers and raised 3,676 dollars. So next time you think of something absurdly ridiculous, remember, there’s bound to be at least 83 people that want to see it happen (I am one step closer to my unmanned Marshmallow drones).

Grilled Cheesus - $25.000

A Panini maker is something everyone needs. It makes beautifully toasted sandwiches with melting cheese, which are crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside. The problem is that you aren’t one of those Godless grilled cheese munchers. You need to be reminded at every moment in the day, that you are a lowly sinful worm. You need Jesus everywhere: in your car, in your house, in the bedroom and inside of you. This Panini maker puts the omnipotent visage of God’s son on toasted bread so you can shove it in your hymn spewing maw. This absurd device can even be considered borderline offensive (for Christians at least, I can totally imagine a scientologist saying: “Please don’t eat me.” “But Cheesus I must to stay alive” while making his sandwich bounce around like its alive). It was successfully funded at 25.000 dollars US.

Have you seen any Kickstarter campaigns that made you wonder about the metal stability of the person proposing it? Well let us know in the comment section below.

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