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How to Create a Facebook Cover Photo

Social media is an effective tool when trying to grow your business. Just about everyone has a smart phone and a social media account. Therefore, if you use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for your company, you can expand your reach and build your business faster.

If you’re just getting started with social media marketing, creating a Facebook business page might be the first step you take. Having a business page on Facebook is similar to having a personal page. And like personal pages, business pages have a cover photo. Since this is the first thing people see when they visit your page, you need to upload a cover photo that’s professional and attractive. But how do you achieve this?

Use Your Company Logo

There’s always the option of using your company logo as the main cover photo on your Facebook page. This is the perfect photo because it quickly identifies your business or brand. For the best look, center or right align this image and use as much of the space as possible, without hiding behind the profile picture. In addition to a cover photo, your Facebook business page also has a spot for a profile pic, which is located on the lower left corner of the cover photo.

However, if you don’t want to use your company logo as the Facebook cover photo, you can use your logo as the profile pic, and then upload another image as the cover photo. If you choose this approach, there’s plenty of room for creativity. For example:

Show Off Your Products or Services

A good Facebook cover photo tells readers about your services or products. This is a good opportunity to show off your product. For example, if you have a page for your photography business, your cover photo might include the family portrait you took of a recent client, with their permission. And if you’re a hairstylist, your cover photo can include finished styles modeled by recent clients.

Present a Collage of Your Services

Then again, maybe you offer a variety of services. If so, use photo editing software to create a collage of various services you offer and then upload this photo as your Facebook cover photo. Let’s say you have a business page for your day spa. The collage might include a collection of services being rendered, such as nail services, hair services, facial treatments or massages.

Show Off Your Team

Use a Facebook cover photo to introduce your team or workforce. There are several ways to approach this. You can create a collage of individual photos of your team, or have a professional photographer take a group landscape photo of everyone. Upload the finished product as the Facebook cover photo.

Include a Call to Action

Since you’re able to incorporate text with your cover photo, you can include a call to action with your image. This encourages action from those who visit your Facebook page, whether it’s subscribing to a newsletter, liking your page, entering a contest or signing up for a seminar. Putting something as simple as "tell us about your experience" can stimulate a conversation. Or you can say "join now" to build urgency around a product or service.

Appeal to the Emotions of Visitors

Depending on your product, a good Facebook cover photo can appeal to a visitor’s emotional side. If you’re creating a page for a car dealership and you want to move people to consider a car purchase, a cover photo with a new car on an open road can symbolize freedom. Or maybe you own a financial service. In this case, you might have a cover photo of a young couple getting the keys to a new house. This image can appeal to the thousands of people who want to achieve this dream, but need help improving their personal finances.

Reinforce Your Brand

If you already have print ads or radio and television ads for your company, and you’ve established a catchphrase, use this catchphrase when designing your Facebook cover photo. Choose an appropriate image using the above suggestions, and then edit the photo to include your company’s slogan. This technique reinforces your brand. When people hear or read the slogan, they’ll immediately think of your company.

A Facebook business page provides an effective and convenient way to engage your audience; and with a page, you can run advertisements and introduce new products. However, for your page to get the attention it deserves, no it needs to be professional -- and professionalism starts with a good cover photo.


Image: Facebook Flower, by mkhmarketing, via Flickr

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