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How to Create a Facebook Page for Business

Facebook is no longer just a ‘good idea’ for businesses to try to help promote their brand. It is now essential marketing for businesses in order to reach their full potential. It can be especially useful for small startup companies and budding entrepreneurs where budgets are tight. So now that you know that Facebook is an essential part of your business brand, how do you set up a business page? I am going to walk you through the critical steps of setting up a Facebook business page, because unless the basics are set up correctly, you are going nowhere fast!

Create the page & choose page type

The very first thing that you have to do is go to An important point to note is that you cannot create a business page until you have first created a personal profile. From the create business page you have to decide what type of business you have there are six options:

  1. Local Business or Place Company
  2. Organization or Institution
  3. Brand or Product
  4. Artist, Band or Public Figure
  5. Entertainment
  6. Cause or Community

The most important thing to remember when choosing your type is that you should only select Local Business or Place Company if you have a physical storefront, as this asks for address information. If you run a web based company you will not want people showing up at your home.

Choose Business Category

You are given a wide range of business categories within your chosen type to choose from. This is more important if you are a local business as it can have more of an impact on what is known as your Graph Search. Graph Search is a special targeted type of search which only Facebook uses but I will save that for another article!

Write your Business Name

You have to write your business name, and depending on your chosen business type, perhaps also address information. There are different schools of thought about whether or not you should simply put your businesses name into the title or you should but keywords into it. I would recommend just using the company name and not using keywords. Search engines in general seem to be steering away from keyword stuffing and it is better to have your true business name. Those who promote keyword stuffing claim that it is better for the previously mentioned Graph Search. Use your own judgement, however, if your name becomes too generic such as ‘Burger, Chips & Beer in London’ instead of ‘Johns Pub Food’. It could be mistaken as a community page.

It is also best to keep your Facebook name short, as it will help you in Facebook ads where names are limited to 25 characters.

Agree to terms and Conditions

You will be asked to agree to terms and conditions. These will change constantly so it is good to check them every few months. But you are a business so you have no choice but to accept them. Then just click get started and you’re flying.

Setting up your Page

Category – You will need to type the different categories that you associate with your business into this box. This will become increasingly important for Graph Search.

Description – A concise punchy description with lots of targeted key words is what you want here as the description is indexed by Google so it will help get you more traffic.

Website – Add your different websites and other Social Media accounts so that they can fully engage with you.

Profile Picture

Add a good quality picture of your logo as your profile picture. Make sure that this picture is 160 x 160 so that it looks professional.

Like Your Own Page

You are then given the option to Like your own page which is a good option as you’re popularity on Facebook depends on the amount of Likes you have.

Do Not Invite Your Email Contacts

It is best to wait until your Facebook page is completely up and running before you do this. It is also best to use your own email service for this and write a custom email message rather than use Facebook’s own service. It seems more professional.

Share Something

You can share something such as a status update or something you have published at this point. However, if you haven’t got any Likes yet it is pointless sharing yet.

Add a Cover image

Any business page looks unprofessional until it has a good cover image which is relevant to your business. It should be 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall & less than 100 kb and it cannot be more than 20% text. Otherwise, Facebook will penalise you.

Congratulations! You have now set up a Facebook Business Page. It is pretty simple and as long as you follow these rules it is even easier to set up one that performs well. After this there are just tweaks and other features that you have to play with, but that is for another article.

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