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How to Create a Unique and Engaging Pinterest Page

Pinterest is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate what makes your business unique. When using Pinterest as a recruitment tool you can be as creative or professional as you please, depending on the message that you are trying to get across and the type of job seekers that you searching for.

Below are some tips on how to create a unique and engaging Pinterest page:

Show your personality

Pinterest is the ideal place to demonstrate what makes your business unique. Use Pinterest boards to show a personal side to your brand by incorporating items of interest or images of inspiration. For example if you represent a clothing company you could include various boards that focus in on specific items of clothing that you have available, or particular colours that you endorse.

Be as creative as you please – Pinterest is the perfect outlet to express your company’s individuality and find the most appropriate workforce possible for your available vacancies. The purpose of Pinterest is to give viewers a more personable insight into the type of company that you operate, as well as the values, customs and culture of your company.

Cater to your audience’s interests

Catering to your audience’s interest will depend on what your company does. For example if your business sells top of the range jewelry you can create individual boards focusing on the various types of jewelry that you provide, such as ‘Sterling Silver’, ‘Glamorous Gold’ or ‘Berry Blue’.

Make your boards as alluring as possible to entice viewers. This will give job seekers a clearer insight into exactly what your business does, how it operates and the type of services it provides.

Share valuable resources

Be sure to include links with all of your images. You have the freedom to link to as many external sites as you wish, and it is advised to make full use of this facility as it will enable your businesses’ brand identity to grow.

Support a good cause

Use Pinterest as a force for good. Dedicate a Pinterest board to the causes that your business supports and raise awareness of a cause that is close to your company’s heart. This will enable you to attract a compassionate job seeker audience that shares similar values to those of your company’s.

With all the power of Pinterest, if you don't already have an account get one now. If you don't you're business will start to suffer.

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