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How to Create an Effective Google + Business Page

Irrespective of the type of business you are in; Social Media is becoming a necessity. Just like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, Google + allows you to create Business pages. Creating a Google + Business page is extremely advisable. Even though it is not the most popular social media platform it is essential because it is more business and brand focused. Also, as it is owned by Google it is extremely search engine friendly; if you set up a page properly it is the fastest and easiest way to increase the visibility of your content in Google searches. This guide will help you set up an effective business page quickly.

Gmail, and a Personal Profile

You do not have to have a Gmail account in order to set up a Google + Business page. However, you do need to have a Google + personal profile in order to create a Google + Business Page. First, you may need to set up a personal profile at However, I am going to assume you have a personal profile and go through the business process here.

Setting up a Business Page

You need to visit the page This page will give you a choice of different types of business pages that you wish to create.

  • Local business or place
  • Product or brand
  • Company, institution or organization
  • Arts, entertainment or sports
  • Other

Depending on the type that you selected you will then be presented with a choice of subcategories. For example if you selected local business or place, you would have to fill in address information as well as choosing ‘apparel and accessories’ as a subcategory. You would not want to select a local business if you do not have a store front otherwise people will start turning up at your home address.

Basic information

Put the name of your business in the ‘choose a name’ box. Next List your main website if you have one. Make sure that you set your content as viewable to any Google user. As this is a Business you don’t want this to be private. Then you just have to agree to the terms as you don’t have any other choice.


  • Insert a profile picture

This is essentially your logo. It has to be 250  x 250 pixels and fit inside a circle. So make sure that it will sit snuggly inside a square that size otherwise some of it will not be visible and look unprofessional.

  •  Cover photo

The cover photo is much larger than the profile photo and can be 2120 x 1192 pixels. It is recommended that you use all of this space. You should use this space to really advertise your brand or upcoming events. However, some recent changes mean that page visitors are sent straight to the bottom of this image and have to scroll  up to see it all. Therefore if you want someone to see your whole image try inserting a call to action such as ‘Please scroll up’ at the bottom of the image.

About Section

The next part of the customisation is creating a tag line which should be a punchy ten word elevator pitch about your business. It is what people are going to see when they share your page on Google +. The much longer introduction section that is next should be filled with SEO keywords which are going to be optimised for your brand. You should think carefully about these keywords as you are trying to drive traffic with this Business page.

Contact Information

This section is important as you are a business and you want people who are interested in your products to be able to get in contact with you.


The people section determines how other users see your page. You can also edit whether it is just your Circles or everyone who can view your page. Again it is advisable as a business for you to just leave this as Public. You want to make yourself as public as possible. You can also add links to your other social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.

Phew you are finished, not so hard is it. Now you can post content and engage with your followers just like you can on Facebook. One thing is that much like LinkedIn, it is extremely important not to just add anyone; also it is vital that you actively engage with your followers. Unless you are active on Google + then it will not help your rankings on Google search.

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